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git-annex allows managing files with git, without checking the file contents into git. While that may seem paradoxical, it is useful when dealing with files larger than git can currently easily handle, whether due to limitations in memory, time, or disk space. git-annex is designed for git users who love the command line. For everyone else, the git-annex assistant turns git-annex into an easy to use folder synchroniser.

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mirror a directory tree by hard links for file contents and symlinks for directory structure

what is the best way to mirror an entire directory, say original/, to a new directory, say mirror/, which has the structure mirror/data/ and mirror/tree/, such that every file in the directory ...
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accessing git-annex special remote from new repository

I'm using git-annex in version 7.20190129 as it is provided on my Debian Stable (Buster) machine to keep big files under version control and have them distributed over multiple machines and drives. ...
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git-annex created a monster that I cannot un-init

I was going to explore git-annex, but it turns out it doesn't do what I need. That would be fine except that I initialized it on a repository that I'm using (stupid, I see that now) and now all my ...
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Git-annex auto merge symbolic links?

Is it possible to merge two same file automatically? For example, fileA and fileB are two same files. However, fileA is on PC and fileB is on Laptop. If I run git annex import /path/to/fileA and ...
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Git-annex link to different file names

Maybe this is just a crazy use case that doesn't work, but I was wondering if there's a way to build a file's history from files with different file names. I'm exploring this idea because I'd like to ...
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git annex - how to verify 2 repositories are exactly identical

How can I ensure that when I clone, sync, and get content from another git annex repository that I have setup an identical mirror? I have used a tool like unison in the past which did a file to file ...
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"unknown transitions listed in local; upgrade git-annex!"

I'm not sure what is happening anymore. I disabled the assistant so I can set up what I wanted to exclude from certain repositories, after which I decided to just not use the assistant. Started ...
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git annex sync - not pulling in files

I haven't synced my git annex repositories for quite some time and was trying to synchronize them recently, but am getting an error which indicates I need to merge. I am getting the error: Updates ...
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Why doesn't git-annex map realize Einstein is one repository?

TLDR Have I confused git-annex into thinking one machine is actually two? Background I have a git-annex repository that has copies on three machines: Watt, Einstein, and Heisenberg in addition to a ...
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Init gix-annex additional repo with existing files

I configured git-annex to keep track of a directory containing several GB of data. Its content is replicated on an S3 remote, so I can drop some files to free some space and get them back when I need ...
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