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Use this tag for questions specific to the FPM ("Effing Package Management") utility. If you have a general question about package management, please use the `package-management` tag instead.

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PHP-FPM + Apache2 security

My question is almost identical to Luis Machuca's from 2 years ago (Apache + php-fpm: Proper permissions for per-pool, per-user projects?), but with some additional conditions. I have also configured ...
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fpm .deb package docker dependencies

I created a simple .deb package with fpm. The package is very basic and it simply runs a docker-compose file (see my other question here for package description). I tried to specify that the package ...
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Can not access PHP-FPM site

Using OpenSUSE v15.2, Apache. Installed PHP-FPM with zypper. Followed instructions on this site: I restarted Apache and PHP-FPM. ...
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Why a PHP module is not loaded into PHP?

Showing my case how to debug the problem, that a PHP module is not loaded into PHP. I use OpenSUSE v42.2 Linux OS, with Apache webserver, PHP v7.1, Mysql. Because it does not provide PHP v7.1 I need, ...
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Going from a binary RPM to an OBS signed rpm?

I have a RPM that I'm currently building with FPM, fpm --verbose \ -s dir \ -t rpm \ --directories /opt/myprod --name myprod --rpm-summary "My Prod" --version $(git describe --abbrev=0 --...
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fpm: rpm: /usr/bin/rpmsign: No such file or directory

When I run fpm with --rpm-sign I get the following error, rpm: /usr/bin/rpmsign: No such file or directory I am using CentOS
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Changing manifest values in RPM built with FPM

I'm using the delightfully–named Effing Package Manager (FPM) to build RPMs and DEBs for a project. After publishing the generated RPM with createrepo, I noted the following lines in the generated ...
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How to define the user and group for directories inside and RPM using FPM?

RPMs have been built using FPM. When the --rpm-user and --rpm-group parameters are used the %defattr(-,user,group,-) attribute is part of the %files, but not part of the %directory section. How to ...
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