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Force running a script using flock?

If given a lock on a script using flock(), is it possible to make a force run/unlock based on some argument passed to the script?
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Ubuntu user not affected by sticky bit on Ubuntu 22.04

I experience a strange behaviour in stick bit on /tmp directory and flock command. Tried with two cases: Case 1: create file with Ubuntu user, root have no access to the created file. ubuntu@:~$ touch ...
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Shared locking of scripts that may call each other

This is unusual problem and probably it is the consequence of bad design. If somebody can suggest anything better, I'd happy to hear. But right now I want to solve it "as is". There is a ...
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Testing file locking

I have a script which locks a file to avoid concurrent access to it, How can I execute this same script from two different terminals synchronously, to check if it works? Here is the script #!/bin/bash ...
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Are there any plans for Linux to add higher-level things like Windows' WaitForMultipleObjects?

WaitForMultipleObjects is one of several Windows kernel functions that can suspend and synchronize a calling thread with other threads until resources or etc are available, similar to flock in Linux, ...
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Synchronizing access to shared, remote resource

I have a shared cache on a remote server that multiple clients are reading and writing to, so I need to synchronize access to this cache. I imagine I could: SSH into the remote and acquire a flock on ...
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How to run eval with lockf command?

I have a command which I run via eval as shown below. #! /bin/sh readonly scr="MYENV=1 sh /tmp/" eval ${scr} -a 1 -b 2 Now I want to run the scr script with lockf utility, so I made ...
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Is this flock usage with if-else safe?

I have two shell scripts that may be run in parallel but may also be run one at a time. Both scripts rely on an initial setup step that takes a while and can't be run by both at the same time. To ...
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is there a really simple and reliable way to create a unique lock (file) on linux? without using `flock` [closed]

EDIT: I learned how to use flock for exclusive lock and how to not mess with it: ...
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Handling of stale file locks in Linux and robust usage of flock

I have a script I execute via cron regularly (every few minutes). However the script should not run multiple times in parallel and it sometimes runs a bit longer, thus I wanted to implement some ...
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rsync script work on CentOS 7, same script doesn't work on RHEL 7

I have a VM cluster with 3 nodes on CentOS7 and one node on RHEL7. There is a directory where rsync is enabled /mnt/<server_IP>/portal/wso2telcohub-3.0.2/repository/deployment/server/synapse-...
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Can we tell if a command is being run by a process or not, by looking at the flock lock file alone?

Is util-linux's flock implemented based on flock() in Linux C API? Can we tell if a command is being run by a process or not, by looking at the lock file alone? I found that when a command guarded by ...
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bash - use exec for file descriptors using environment variables

LOCK_FD=200 LOCK_FILE=/tmp/lock-file exec ${LOCK_FD}>${LOCK_FILE} I get an error exec: 200 not found This however works LOCK_FD=200 LOCK_FILE=/tmp/lock-file eval "exec ${LOCK_FD}>${LOCK_FILE}...
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Using flock fails with zsh but works in bash?

Employing the mechanism from the answer at in the Z shell: ( flock -x 200 echo "test"; ) 200>mylockfile2 returns zsh: parse error near `200' While ...
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Why can flock(1) do inter-process lock?

flock is associated with open-file-description, and open(2) creates new open-file-description. So invoking flock(1) in two separate shells will open the lock file separately and result in two open-...
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Cannot get bash flock to work

I derived a sample bash script from what I have seen around, regarding bash flock function. I do: func() { 42>/home/foo flock -e 42 || exit 1 echo "hello world" sleep 5 } Then I ...
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Flock doesn't seem to be working

I've recently been trying to create a shell script for a minor project, and for some reason, the flock command isn't working for me properly. Whenever I invoke it in a subshell the atomic way and put ...
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Why flock doesn't clean the lock file? [closed]

After process is completed, I see that the lock file isn't deleted? Is there any reason that why flock keeps the file ? Also how does flock knows if there is a lock acquired ? Here is the example ...
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crontab not executing script

crontab: */5 * * * * /home/owner/scripts/ #!/bin/bash flock -xn /home/owner/locks/upload.lck -c /home/owner/scripts/ #!/bin/bash ...
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Check and Test Lock from other Process

I am trying to create a service wrapper (init.d script) around one of my favorite applications. The application creates both a PID and a lock file, and so I'm trying to use those to ensure that I can ...
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flock command script fail on xunbuntu 16.04 - cant understad why

#!/bin/bash ( flock -n 200 || exit 1 # commands executed under lock sleep 3 echo "TEST" ) 200 > /home/nis/Scripts/lock.txt Running this scrip gets me this error: 7: ...
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lock bash script to prevent parallel running from within the script itself?

I am aware of using flock and solo (not sure the difference though) when running from a cron job. However, is it possible to prevent parallel running from within the script itself?
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Duplication of a file descriptor associated with an fcntl lock?

According to the man page of dup2, this syscall make a new copy of the old file descriptor. The two descriptors do not share (the close-on-exec flag). However in case the file descriptor we are ...
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How to do locking a file from a shell script? [duplicate]

I would like to synchronize two Bash scripts via a file lock. How to do this? Zsh has zsystem flock call, but is there a more "shellish" method that's also available to Bash?
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Flocking a filedescriptor in a shell script

I thought this would give me uninterrupted begin-end pairs, but it doesn't: #!/bin/bash fun()( flock 1 || { echo >&2 "$BASHPID: FAIL: $?"; exit 1; } echo "$BASHPID begin" sleep 1; ...
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Pass multiple commands to flock

flock -x -w 5 ~/counter.txt 'COUNTER=$(cat ~/counter.txt); echo $((COUNTER + 1)) > ~/counter.txt' How would I pass multiple commands to flock as in the example above? As far as I understand, ...
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