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Fish is a unix shell with a clean design and a limited but powerful feature set.

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Quoting command substituted value

In bash you would do touch "foo bar" rm "$(echo foo bar)" How would you do that in fish? This doesn't work for obvious reasons: touch "foo bar" rm "(echo foo bar)"
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What's the fastest (CPU time) way to get my current git branch?

I'm trying to improve the performance of my fish prompt, and since my prompt includes my current git branch, I'm wondering if there may be a way to make it faster. Right now I'm using git symbolic-...
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Execute a command once per line of piped input?

I want to run a java command once for every match of ls | grep pattern -. In this case, I think I could do find pattern -exec java MyProg '{}' \; but I'm curious about the general case - is there an ...
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Does Fish have a "magic space"?

I gather that bash has a "magic space" function, where if I do e.g. sudo !!<space> it will blow in sudo ./my_last_command. Does something similar exist in fish?
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