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Booting on Firewire (IEEE1394) broken in Fedora

Something prevents booting on Firewire (IEEE1394) in Fedora 36 (kernel 5.19.6-200.fc36.x86_64). Fedora hangs for long here: The final output of the Dracut Emergency Shell: I have the log /run/...
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Failure in recognizing and using a firewire camera

I am facing some difficulties in trying to use a microscope camera (olympus XC50) on my Arch Linux system. $ dvgrab Error: no camera exists $ ffmpeg -f iec61883 -i auto [iec61883 @ 0x558ade5499c0] No ...
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Starting application before firewire device is ready

To use an audio application requiring jackd-firewire, I have to start up things in the following order: Power up the hardware interface (a Phonic mixing console in my case) Start jackd Start the ...
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How can I share Internet Connection among two Linux computers using firewire running Ubuntu 14.04?

I have two computers (let say "A" and "B") that are already pinging and sshing each other via firewire, both with static ip. Computer A is connected to the Internet and I want it to share its internet ...
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Kino error:WARNING: dv1394 kernel module not loaded or failure to read/write /dev/raw1394 on Fedora 20, dvgrab works

I want to import and work with my dv's which are from a SONY DCR-PC101E camcorder, I've installed alot of Video editing software on one of my systems, namely my Fedora 20 running on an old HP with ...
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Linux Kernel Firewire Feature: Use Unclear

In the Linux kernel, there is a setting "FireWire SBP-2 fabric module". I do not understand the documentation: Say Y or M here to enable SCSI target functionality over FireWire. This enables you to ...
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How to know when a device is ready

I have firewire mixing console and I wrote an udev rule which calls a script to set up the whole audio chain (alsa -> pulseaudio -> jackd -> firewire) as soon an the console is switched on. Now I ...
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Network via ieee1394 is unreachable (PC and laptop)

I decided to connect my PC to the laptop via firewire. All interfaces are up, but no packets can be send/recieved. I'm using Linux Slackware64-current (kernel Laptop (Dell Vostro 3700) has ...
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Suspending my laptop breaks ethernet over firewire, are there commands which can fix it?

As mentioned in this question I am using a firewire cable to provide a private network between my laptop and my desktop, because it makes using the screen sharing program synergy much nicer than using ...
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Under Ubuntu, how do I set a static IP for firewire?

I am using Ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop, which connects to our network wirelessly. Since it sits on my desk next to my desktop, I have a private network between the two using a firewire cable, because ...
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