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Do 'finger' and 'pinky' always show all users currently logged in?

I've been playing around on my university's system and I noticed that sometimes the lists of logged in users I get from finger and pinky appear incomplete. For one thing, there were times when a ...
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Solaris 11 and samba4 in non-standard dir, works all except finger

The Oracle packaged version of samba gave me some problems(error with krb5 and no join with AD samba4 server). So I recompile by myself using IPS the latest version of samba(4.3.13). After 30 minutes ...
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Giving a home directory a specific "bit set" using chmod [duplicate]

the finger man page says I need to use chmod to give the home directory the "other-users-execute bit set", in order to restrict finger requests to only those that original from the local ...
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I want to make my own finger command without finger command , Help?

without using finger command ,This command will display the login name, full name, home directory, and default shell for each of the names given on the command line. If one of the names is not found ...
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How could I find the Plan command?

I tried finger and find a Plan $ finger $USER Login: me Name: me Directory: /Users/me Shell: /usr/local/bin/bash On since Tue Nov 13 07:33 (CST) on console, idle 1 ...
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Why does finger not have a non-zero return value?

I often use the return/status value of a command in scripts. I'm curious why the finger command doesn't have a return value. E.g., $ finger kevin Login: klang Name: Kevin Kang etc......
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Command finger doesn't display .plan

If I have a .plan but finger doesn't show it, does that mean that something is wrong with my system? uname -a Linux 4.4.0-83-generic #106-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jun 26 17:54:43 UTC 2017 ...
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Can I see finger's user name in htop?

top/htop show userids. On our shared HPC, these are cryptic. I then need to manually do finger <username> to figure out who the user is. Is there a way of getting top or htop to include this ...
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What is `plan` for users?

Sometimes, I use finger - and I can't help but notice that when I specify a user: finger admin - The last thing the output says is: No Plan. What does that mean? Where can I find out more about ...
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Prevent `finger` from giving out mail info

To quote from finger's man page Mail status is shown as No Mail.'' if there is no mail at all, Mail last read DDD MMM ## HH:MM YYYY (TZ)'' if the person has looked at their mailbox ...
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