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file - determine file type.

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Output of command file, when file is INI file

I'm trying to understand the output of the file command when used on an INI-file. I create a file like this ("DOS" line endings are crucial, otherwise it is recognized as an ascii text file) ;Trying ...
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Something like file command which also checks file headers for encodings?

I'm using the file command to detect mime type and text encoding, and it's working great in general. But one situation it doesn't work so great for is with a HTML file. It's returning us-ascii, but if ...
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More detailed version of "file"

A year ago I've used a more advanced version of file, I think this was on a Debian based linux and it was in their main repository. Compared to file, it would show some more information such as if ...
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file command misclassifying python bytecode as dBase III DBT file

I'm using cx-Freeze to freeze a PyQt5 application. On my Jenkins slave running OSX 10.13, when cx-Freeze is using the file command to check the type of the files, it classifies a .pyc file (python ...
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Ubuntu 18.04 think C/C++ source code file is plain text

When I try to create a C/C++ source file touch test.cpp Usually it will generate a file which type is C source code file. But today I got a plain text file. And I write a simple program in it like: #...