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ffs, mount_ffs -- Berkeley Fast File System, the standard filesystem on BSD UNIX

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OpenBSD: how to make backup / snapshot of mounted disk?

I'm planning to launch a server on latest OpenBSD. (Web, cloud and more.) I have to make regular backups of my ffs2 partitions (e. g. using cron). But there are no documentation about this, only man ...
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Installing a new OpenBSD kernel "safely": why does `make install` go through these extra hoops?

After building a new OpenBSD kernel, the install target of the kernel Makefile does the following: rm -f /obsd ln /bsd /obsd cp bsd /nbsd mv /nbsd /bsd I understand that the first two lines remove ...
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What makes fsck so slow on big filesystems?

I have over a dozen of filesystems on my OpenBSD server with 12GB DDR3 and several 1.5TB HDDs. All filesystems themselves are generally between 8GB and 64GB in size. I've noticed that even by ...
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