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Fbi is an image viewer for the Linux console framebuffer

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Display images using fbi on startup using systemd

I can successfully display images using the following command: sudo fbi -T 1 /home/pi/photo-screen/photos/*.jpg -t 4 I now want to start a slide show of those pictures as soon as the Raspberry PI ...
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What is the definitive (and simplest) way to use fbi on Raspberry OS Buster to display images automatically on startup?

I have made all sorts of modifications to my ACLs and even created a photos.service that starts fbi, but it only starts, and displays 1 image before the screen goes blank. I have other processes (web ...
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How can I get the number bytes to write per row for FrameBuffer?

Goal: I'm writing a very simple image viewer for framebuffer /dev/fb0 (something like fbi). Current state: My software takes the pixel resolution from /sys/class/graphics/fb0/virtual_size (such as ...
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Can't clear /dev/fb0

I have one of those 7" HDMI diplays from eBay, driving it with a Q1900 board running Ubuntu 20. I can write to the display using fbi: sudo fbi -a -T 1 --noverbose -d /dev/fb0 -t 5 --blend 1000 &...
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How to use fbi from systemd service

I'm trying to display images on a television from a system with no Xserver (Raspbian Buster). I can't get fbi working from a systemd service but it works through ssh terminal. The following works ...
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Buildroot: compile fbi against kernel headers

I'm adding a generic-package to Buildroot 2019.02.1. This package (fbi) includes <asm/page.h> in the fbtools.c, but the headers are not available in output/target. Compiling the package causes ...
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How to send commands to fbi over SSH?

I'm using fbi to display some images. fbi has some keyboard controls, like +, -, Page Up, Page Down, etc. to control the images. Instead of using keyboard, I want to send these control commands over ...
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fbi stops reading fifo after first write

I'm having trouble controlling fbi through a named pipe, it seems fbi simply stops listening to the pipe after the first write and I can't figure out why. I'm running something like: $ mkfifo /tmp/...
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How to echo tty1 after displaying an image via fbi?

I can echo to /dev/tty1: echo "hello" > /dev/tty1 I can display an image (while booting or not): fbi -T 1 -noverbose -a test.png I can display the image after printing "hello" to the console, ...
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Is it possible to run fbi inside tmux if the tmux if running in a virtual tty?

I have already looked at this question and the solution works insofar as I can get an image displayed in my virtual console. However, if I first launch a tmux inside the virtual console, and then try ...
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How to display a .jpg file using fbi in a bash script for set amount of time and then execute the next command in the script

I am trying to use fbi in a bash script to display a series of .jpg images. But once fbi begins its process, it continues to cycle through the images and I only want to display each image once for a ...
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