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Questions tagged [failure-resistance]

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Interpret the output of smartctl for SSD and hard drive

I have dropped my external hard drive on the floor recently and wanted to know if the electronic parts and mechanical parts were damaged. I have no idea how to find this out from the output of ...
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How do I find at which line my data file fails while being piped to a command?

I have a file that contains one SQL command per line and I pipe it to the mysql client. I would like to know at which line it fails (when it fails) to be able to continue without re-processing the ...
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Bash: Run Command (with a specific pattern) only if another Command (with another specific pattern) has failed

I have a shell script that creates a function (in a bashscript file which is sourced by .bashrc) for each Markdown files to open it in the editor. Example: ls /home/nikhil/Notes/Studies ...
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backup boot / root in case primary fails to boot

I have these mini-servers based on raspberry pi. Lots of them. But currently we have relatively frequent malfunctions because for some reason or another the filesystem on the SD card gets corrupted ...
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Make Linux reboot when it runs out of PID

I want to configure a headless server to automatically reboot under catastrophic circumstances. Right now I have configured to make it panic when running out of RAM, and reboot automatically on kernel ...
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Does BTRFS guarantee data consistency on power outages?

As ZFS states exclusively, ZFS is claimed to be invulnerable ZFS accepts that it might be vulnerable to power failures. I couldn't find such a statement for BTRFS. Is it (or designed/planned to be) ...
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3 answers

Is it "broken" to replace an existing file without fsync()?

In Linux's mount(2) man page, I noticed the following excerpt: Many broken applications don't use fsync() when replacing existing files via patterns such as fd = open("")/write(fd,...)/...
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1 answer

Where/when are exit statuses returned for background jobs in bash?

I'm writing a bash script which has many parts, but I want built in resiliency and parallel processing as much as possible. An example is below: while true do var=$(curl someurl) || continue var2=...
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3 answers

Can the filesystem become inconsistent if interrupted when moving a file?

I have two folders on the same partition (EXT2) If I mv folder1/file folder2 and some interruption occur (e.g. power failure) could the file system ever end up being inconsistent? Isn't the mv ...
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Corruption-proof SD card filesystem for embedded Linux?

Recently we had a rather unpleasant situation with our customer - Raspberry Pi based "kiosk" used to display remote sensing data (nothing more fancy than a kiosk mode browser displaying a self-...
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3 answers

Where does LVM store data?

My questions are similar to this thread Does LVM increase the risk of data loss?, however, I couldn't find a satisfying answer. So the question is, where does LVM store data/files, when I have a ...
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To sync /var or not?

It seems in a hard crash, in particular failure of a UPS to keep a system running, that some of the contents of logs get lost due to file system caching. As an experiment, I tried mounting the /var ...
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