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Questions tagged [extundelete]

extundelete is a tool that can recover deleted files from an ext3 or ext4 partition using the partition's journal.

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1 answer

how to recover a yaml file on ubuntu 22.04?

I've googled and searched for the answer, but non of the software mentioned on the answers can search for yaml file?. I've changed the config of Foremost duplicating the txt line, changing the txt ...
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1 answer

rescue image with ext4magic or extundelete

Some rescue operations and similar need to be done with the the drive or volume unmounted. Previously I have downloaded an .iso of GParted which I put on a USB stick and booted up from it into a basic ...
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Odd error messages when trying to restore deleted files

A folder with backup files was accidentally deleted from the /home partition on a Ubuntu 20.04 machine. All files in the folder were backups (zip) of the same thing (a Minecraft world) but from ...
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0 votes
2 answers

Restore files removed with rm (even from a LUKS-encrypted disk)

The problem I erroneously removed several files from my /home/username with rm. I realized the mistake as soon as I hit enter, but the damage was done. I immediately created a full disk image with ...
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How to recover files deleted by rm -vr?

When looking up a way to uninstall minecraft using console commands, the very first result on google told me to use the command: rm -vr ~/ .minecraft/*. I thought, oh well, I'm specifying the ...
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2 votes
0 answers

ext4magic segfault

I am trying to restore a directory I accidentally deleted which contained many files. Ironically this was a fat finger error while trying to set up a backup! I am following the instructions here: The ...
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0 answers

how to undelete files without umounting the filesystem and directly into that filesystem?

ext4, extundelete needs fs umounted right? and would restore to another fs, that wont work for me. The deleted are big files, if umounting and restoring on another filesystem I would have to copy back ...
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0 answers

restoring a deleted file, returning an error

I've had the bad luck of removing a file that was not yet added to a git repository. I'm trying to recover it with this code: mount -o remount, ro /dev/sda1 # to remount in read only mode. extundelete ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Restoring via inode that's no longer in the journal?

I had a folder deleted from a SMB share from a windows machine. Thanks to zero confirmation a whole folder was deleted. First ran photorec that pulled most of the files except 1, the very last file ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Recover files from a luks partition with extundelete

I have a luks encrypted SD Card and I want to recover all deleted files from it. I have been truing with extundelete using the following commands: extundelete --restore-directory RecoverDir/ /media/...
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extundelete - How to solve 'Block bitmap checksum does not match bitmap when trying to examine filesystem'?

The OS is Ubuntu 17.10 and I've been trying to recover(undelete) with extundelete. (The File System is ext4.) This didn't work. So, I tried with extundelete /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root --restore-...
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2 votes
0 answers

undelete 1 file from ext4 on LVM on LUKS

summary How to (relatively painlessly and reliably) {restore, undelete} a file from an ext4 filesystem inside a LVM volume inside a LUKS container, given one knows the fully-qualified path to the ...
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0 answers

What to do with extundelete recovered files

So, i accidentally delete my files. I attempt to recover files using extundelete with --restore-all options. Inside the RECOVERED_FILES directory i got files.xxxxx which i think is inode file. My ...
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1 vote
1 answer

What methods for overwrite protection and accidental removing are there?

Apart of unix perms are there other protection for don't remove or overwrite files? By example: Restringing dirs than rm can delete. Overwrite protection when I made cat >file instead of cat >>file ...
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1 answer

Undelete directory on openvz server

Around 1.5 hours ago I deleted a very important directory on my openVZ vps. I have tried root@server:/home extundelete /dev/simfs --restore-directory ./ --output-dir /home/restore/ extundelete: ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Exundelete can't restore the file

I'm trying to restore 2 important tar.gz files I know their directory but extundelete not restoring them although it's giving me the inode number. Loading filesystem metadata ... 2127 groups loaded. ...
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1 answer

Failed to restore file with extundelete

I accidentally deleted the file .vimrc in my $HOME directory. I rebooted the system and accessed it as root. Then: $ sudo mount -o remount,ro /dev/sda5 $ sudo extundelete /dev/sda5 --restore-file /...
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undelete a just deleted file on ext4 with extundelete

Is there a simple option on extundelete how I can try to undelete a file called /var/tmp/test.iso that I just deleted? (it is not so important that I would start to remount the drive read-only or such ...
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