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Enigmail is a data encryption and decryption extension for Icedove and Mozilla Thunderbird that provides OpenPGP public key e-mail encryption and signing.

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How to import secret key on OpenGPG smartcard (copied from one machine/OS to another)?

I run a couple of PCs and they both multi-boot into more than one OS (Win10/Linux{Devuan}/FreeBSD & Win10/Linux{Devuan} respectively). I use Thunderbird + Enigmail (sticking with Version 68.x of ...
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I created a encryption key-pair in Enigmail, but I can't see it when I do `gpg --list-keys` in terminal

I installed the Enigmail mail encryption plugin for Thunderbird and created a key-pair as the installation wizard instructed me. I can send and encrypt/decrypt mail with this key. However, when I ...
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How to export Icedove Enigmail public key fully in Debian?

I want to share the key at my homepage. I cannot find any setting in Icedove for the task. There is View settings for this account but it does not contain any tool for exporting the public key. I can ...
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Disable gnome-keyring-daemon

Methods I have tried: Removing the GNOME Keyring applications from Startup Applications
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Force enigmail to sign with a specific subkey

I have a GPG key with multiple signing subkeys and I want to force enigmail to sign email with a specified subkey. GPG can be forced to sign with a specific subkey by appending the characted "!" after ...
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Enigmail Thunderbird pinentry requests all passwords to all secret keys

I want to read a GPG encrypted email using Thunderbird Enigmail from and Edit > Account Settings > Account.1 > OpenPGP Security has "Use specific OpenPGP key ID" selected. However, ...
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Enigmail plugin does not recognize anymore my private key

I am using a Debian unstable with Iceweasel (38.2.0esr-1) and the Enigmail plugin (2:1.8.2-3) from the distribution packages. I recently upgraded my system and got a new version of the gnupg2 package (...
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