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Progress bar for ejecting USB flash drive?

OS is Debian 10. File manager is Thunar. I've noticed that when I copy a few dozen gigabytes to my USB flash drive, the process only takes a minute or two. Then when I go to eject, the ejection ...
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Safely eject USB live system asking the uesr to remove it

For my work I'm preparing a live USB with Clonezilla. It runs a custom bash script to clone disks. This USB is going to be cloned to several other USBs so they can be used in multiple machines. It's ...
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Intranet Plex Media Server USB Mount Directory

I'm running Ubuntu Desktop 20.10 for my RPi 4 and have configured Plex to run on the intranet. I've got an externally powered 16Tb external hard drive with all the proper permissions to operate. The ...
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What exactly does zpool export do?

After having read the section about zpool export in man zpool, I am worried somehow: Exports the given pools from the system. All devices are marked as exported, but are still considered in use by ...
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How to disable caching for USB storage devices (by default), so that we can unplug without clicking eject?

Is there any way to completely caching for USB storage devices (I mean for example 32GB USB Hard Drives, NTFS, FAT32 formatted etc.), for Linux? (like Microsoft's Windows) People coming from MS ...
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Linux: how to ensure it's possible to remove USB stick from commandline?

When working from command line I usually use an USB mass storage device with customary: sudo mount /dev/sde1 /mnt -o rw,umask=0000 ... use it... sudo umount /mnt This works fine IF you let the stick ...
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I ejected Bootable SSD from ubuntu UI accidentally, oops?

I was trying eject the USB stick drive from my Linux machine, when I accidentally clicked on wrong drive and ended up ejecting the SSD drive. Now that SSD also happens to the bootable SSD With stored ...
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How do I plug in a usb-drive?

Problem After using the following command on my usb-drive (/dev/sdd): # physically plugging usb-drive in at /dev/sdd > umount /dev/sdd1 > eject /dev/sdd I am unable to undo this last action. ...
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How does 'eject' get processes to close file handles?

On my Mac, when I 'eject' a network-mounted share, my Mac presents me with the following message, and attempts to get processes to close open file handles and cleanly dismount the share. My question ...
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Unwanted permanent umount [duplicate]

The problem I've got a simple question: what's the difference between ejecting flash drive using GNOME Files (formerly known as Nautilus) button (see image below) and umount command? Before you will ...
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Auto swallow and eject cd (from the commandline)

I am trying to close and eject cd from the commandline. The purpose is to rip a lot of audio cds with abcde. I use eject and eject -t commands to open and close the cd drive. I mount my cdrom with ...
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Safe removal of flash disk

In Ubuntu 16.04, I try to safely remove the flash disk from the command line. When I run the following script (from the Eject / safely remove vs umount): udisksctl unmount -b /dev/sdb1 udisksctl ...
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Eject / safely remove vs umount

I'm using Ubuntu 12.04, and when I rigth click on a my flash drive icon (in the Unity left bar) I get two options that have me confused: eject and safely remove. The closer I came to an answer was ...
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How to safely eject usb hardrive - udisks returns "detach failed: .."

I have a USB external hard drive with several partitions, and I cannot spin down the hard drive to get it to eject. Any suggestions? I unmounted all partitions through Nautilus, but the drive is still ...
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How can I disable the button of my CD/DVD drive?

Up until Fedora 14 I was successfully using cdctl to enable/disable the CD/DVD eject button on my laptop (Thinkpad T410). Sadly it has stopped working now. I've consulted the methods discussed in ...
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Fedora 18 safe remove usb drive

How can I safe remove a usb drive from the Gnome 3.6.2 GUI? This feature used to be available in the past (up to 16, I haven't used 17) from the Desktop and Computer tab in nautilus. The eject arrow ...
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Making the keyboard eject switch work

My keyboard switch for ejecting the CDROM does not work though it displays an eject button on the screen. I need to make it work. I know ejecting a cdrom using system call is as simple as ioctl(...
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Eject USB drives / eject command

I know that the eject command can be used to eject almost any hardware component attached, but can it be used to eject USB drives? Is it possible to eject USB drives and external HDD's with the eject ...
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Selectively disabling gvfsd-cdda in Debian Squeeze?

Is there a way to selectively disable gvfsd-cdda on Debian Squeeze? Since I updated my machine to Squeeze grip can no longer eject a CD, which interferes with ripping. I traced it back to gvfsd-cdda, ...
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How to mount a disk on key on Red-Hat 6 (Beta) after ejecting it

I have a Cruzer disk on key which was recognized automatically by my RedHat6-beta OS. I removed it always using the GUI option "Safely remove", but one time by mistake I selected "Eject" and from ...
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