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e4defrag is a command-line executable to defragment ext4 filesystems.

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How to get a Btrfs filesystem fragmentation count?

The btrfs check command output doesn't mention how many files are fragmented like e4defrag -c or e2fsck with ext4 filesystems. What command can give the number of fragmented files on a whole Btrfs ...
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How can lsof -p $pid be stalling when ls /proc/$pid/fd is not?

I have a situation where I observe that BackupPC stalls for a particular host. This host runs Debian 10 (and has e.g. Docker installed). During that situation, two rsync-related processes are running ...
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How to kill/terminate running e4defrag without damaging my data?

If I kill a running e4defrag, is there a risk of data loss/corruption? Is there a safe way to interrupt it? For example: running e4defrag on large partition (such as the root directory) or large file ...