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duply is a frontend for duplicity

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SSH connection to know host still needs authorization

I am trying to setup a backup server using duply and a secure connection. I have created the ~/.ssh/config file with the following content: Host backup IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_ed25519_backup ...
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duplicity exclude directories while restoring

How can I restore some files from my duplicity backup excluding some directories/files ? Does --include --exclude work along with restore ?
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duply fails on all command with, assert filecount == len(self.files_changed) AssertionError

No matter which command I try on this duply profile it always errors out. duply database status duply database bkp duply database purge They all return a trace similar to the following Start duply ...
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Why is duply unable to restore a backup due to signing error?

I manage my backups with duply. Today I wanted to fetch some backuped files from an old machine that got lost on my current machine. Unfortunately I got the error that the storage was signed with ...
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Multiple source directories in duply

Is it possible to specify multiple source directories in a duply configuration file? If not is there any simple workaround?
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