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Skip .app folders when using "fdupes" with the option "--recurse"

I am using fdupes to print the list of duplicate files in a certain folder, with the option --recurse. However, since I am using macOS, the recursing process regards Mac apps (which appear to be ...
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Detect duplicate folders with identical content

I often have folders with different names but the same content. For example, I copy a folder to another location, for ease of access, and then I forget to delete the copy. How can I detect the ...
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How can you list a directory using the inode not the directory name? I have the same directory name appearing twice with different inodes

When I do a directory listing of a python installation the include directory appears twice and each one has a different inode. ╰─○ ls -i1 2282047 bin 2641630 include 2642559 include 2282048 lib ...
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Find Duplicate Files, but Specify a Directory to Keep

I am working on de-cluttering a company shared drive, and looking to remove duplicates. Is there any duplicate finding program that allows you to specify which directory's duplicates are to be removed?...
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Remove all duplicate image files except for 1

I have a folder of images that contain quite a bit of duplicates, I'd like to remove all duplicates except for one. Upon Googling I found this clever script from this post that succinctly does almost ...
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How to use `rmlint` to remove duplicates only from one location and leave all else untouched?

I have two locations /path/to/a and /path/to/b. I need to find duplicate files in both paths and remove only items in /path/to/b items. rmlint generates quite a large removal script, but it contains ...
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How to use rmlint to merge two large folders?

In exploring options to merge two folders, I've come across a very powerful tool known as rmlint. It has some useful documentation (and Gentle Guide). I have a scenario that I previously mentioned and ...
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Delete duplicates from another directory recursively

(N.B. There are many similar questions (e.g. here, here, here, and here) but they either assume that the directory structure is one-deep, or the answers are more complex multi-line scripts.) This is ...
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Copy unique files to new directory?

I have a number of folders with my various media (e.g. photos, music) from different points in time. The different folders have some of the same content (e.g. a photo might be in 2 folders), but ...
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move files from directory A to directory B, without duplicating any files

I am looking to take files from directory B and copy them into directory A. However, I know that are some same named files in each. I would only like to have only the "non-matching" file names copied ...
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3 answers

What is the most efficient way to find duplicate files?

I have a number of folders with a few million files (amounting to a few TB) in total. I wish to find duplicates across all files. The output ideally is a simple list of dupes - I will process them ...
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Compare large directories recursively - but ignoring sub-directories - compare two backups - with gui

I've got 2 very old Backups of a friends computer. They were simply copied into a folder each on an external Harddrive. Both are about 300GB in Size and the contents are very much alike but not ...
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Create duplicate files on 2 different locations?

tough to find information to my idea as people normally look forward to find and remove duplicates not vice versa. I have an application running to control a heating system. It uses a file based ...
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2 answers

Using FSlint to find duplicates by file size only?

I'm trying to use fslint to find duplicates, but it takes forever hashing entire multi-gigabyte files. According to this website, I can compare by the following features: feature summary compare by ...
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Evaluate the similarity between two video files

I'm looking for a method that reliably gives me a "mathematical distance" of two videos from one another. Similar to how the Levenshtein distance can be used to get the distance from a ...
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Unzipped/zipped file search

How am I able to search for duplicate files that are zipped and unzipped, with the same name? I understand I can do the initial search with the below however, not sure how to pipe in some duplicate ...
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Duplicate Files in a directory

I Have duplicate file i need count of that files. Example: example.html example(1).html Output: i want the number of counts for example(1).htnl
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A lot of fdupes,i want to make a script

No fdup please..I want to make a script. I have a lot of file duplicates,there are more than 200 I made ( is under construction ) a bash script which make md5sum on every file,then with uniq i put ...
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What's the quickest way to find duplicated files? [duplicate]

I found this command used to find duplicated files but it was quite long and made me confused. For example, if I remove -printf "%s\n", nothing came out. Why was that? Besides, why have they ...
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Finding duplicate files and replace them with symlinks

I'm trying to find a way to check inside a given directory for duplicate files (even with different names) and replace them with symlinks pointing to the first occurrence. I've tried with fdupes but ...
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Find duplicate files

Is it possible to find duplicate files on my disk which are bit to bit identical but have different file-names?
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8 answers

case-insensitive search of duplicate file-names

I there a way to find all files in a directory with duplicate filenames, regardless of the casing (upper-case and/or lower-case)?
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20 answers

Is there an easy way to replace duplicate files with hardlinks?

I'm looking for an easy way (a command or series of commands, probably involving find) to find duplicate files in two directories, and replace the files in one directory with hardlinks of the files in ...
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