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Questions about Damn Small Linux, a distro mainly intended for running live environments.

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Damn-Small-Linux telnet server freezes

I'm using Damn Small Linux (or "DSL") (which is based "non-purely" on Debian - I have access to apt-get) in a Virtual Machine. I installed telnet server (telnetd + xinetd). I'm also running another ...
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VFS: Cannot open root device "" or 03:02 when booting Damn Small Linux over PXE

I'm trying to set up a PXE boot server for multiple different OSes. So far I have it working with Linux Mint, Arch Linux, and a GParted image. I'm trying to do Damn Small Linux completely within RAM, ...
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Activation of network connection failed. Kali linux v2.0

I can't connect to internet via wired, adding DSL profile with user and password. While installing kali linux 2.0 there was a warning telling that there is missing non-free firmware `rtl_nic/...
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Set a password on Damn Small Linux

I'm running Damn Small Linux. When you open the command prompt, you are automatically logged in as the default user called dsl and granted root privileges (with sudo). How can I set a password for the ...
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WiFi Connection to ADSL Modem based on MAC

Recently my desktop machine is under attack and someone is leeching my DSL bandwidth. After consultation I find out I can tell my modem to only accept wifi connection according to system MAC address. (...
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How can I access a NTFS filesystem from a live Linux CD

My Win XP SP3 registry is corrupted(my own fault) so I need to move windows/repair/system to windows/system32/config/system. I have tried DSL, Sliax? and tinycore. DSL give me a 'cannot - as ...
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Can you run a linux system properly without internet connection?

I am have come across my old computer in my attic. It is a very old windows 98 HP computer. I can give more specs if needed. I was wondering if I could install Damn Small Linux on a flash drive and ...
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A Linux Distribution for Nintendo DS Lite

I want to use a linux OS on my Nintendo DS Lite. Tried to use the DSLinux, but it turned the device into white and non-responsive screens! Went on IRC channel and got the advice to learn C and solve ...
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Problem with path MTU discovery over pppd

I'm having an issue with pppd doing PPPoE on CentOS 6.3. The CentOS system is a dedicated router/gateway which performs NAT (both directions) and various packet filtering. It has separate NICs for ...
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How to configure ADSL connection using bash?

I know it's possible to configure the modem to automatically connect the internet using a browser, but I want to do it using bash. I would like the network to automatically connect when the system ...
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Install Puppy Linux or "Damn Small Linux" on Pogoplug (~NSLU2) possible

I am thinking about buying Pogoplug (50 $) which is in fact a NAS server similar to the famous nslu2. Like the nslu2, this device can be hacked to have a full fresh Linux server running. There are ...
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