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locate is not locating the file present in the current directory

That media is another hard disk in the computer. What is the way to locate things there?
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how do I do file-listing of all files/packages in an .iso to stdout or to a file?

I am looking to do a file-listing of all files/packages in an .iso either to stdout or to a file. It would be nice if the file-listing is complete as in $ls -l so I have all the necessary data to ...
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Building an Arch Linux based live CD/USB

After bootstrapping my Arch live CD, I try to install the archiso package with: pacman -Sy archiso but I get: error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files) archiso: /usr/lib/initcpio/...
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Full Linux distro under 50 MB for a business card CD

I need a full Linux distribution for a non-profit activist organisation that can fit on a business card CD. If that's not possible, there is a business card DVD option too with up to 400 MB capacity. ...
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Build a "live USB stick" image without actually using a stick

We're trying to build a customized installation stick for putting linux on our embedded product. We're wanting to build it from scratch every time -- that is, pull RPMs out of a (local) repository. ...
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How do I build custom Ubuntu CD's automatically?

I'd like to build custom Ubuntu installation CD's daily (CRON job). Think Daily Build but with custom packages coming from a text file. Packages would be a mix of some official Ubuntu packages as well ...
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What do I need to do in order to create a quickly-installable Debian distribution?

I need to build a custom Debian-based distribution to be easily and quickly installable on multiple machines. How can I build a distribution like this and package it so I can either Install it via a ...
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Where can I get Debian initial version ISOs?

I am interested in installing initial versions of Debian on VirtualBox. Can anybody tell me where I can find these ISOs?
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Debian installation media with non-free packages?

Are there any Debian DVDs (Lenny, 5.0) out there that include the non-free hardware driver components?
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Where can I find which packages are on each Debian Squeeze CD?

I just installed Debian Squeeze on my E1505. In order to get my wireless card working, I'm trying to install network-manager-gnome (I already installed firmware-iwlwifi) My current question is, how ...
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31 Debian CDs -- Why? and which do I need for a vanilla desktop install?

I've been using Linux (Ubuntu) for a couple of months now, and I want to try Debian to see how different it is. Well, I've already found a couple of differences.. The first one that Debian-Live ...
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