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Is the output of `declare -p <variable>` in bash guaranteed to be reusable as shell input?

This is specifically about bash's declare - the general case is pretty exhaustively dealt with in this answer (which mentions "the typeset/declare/export -p output of ksh93, mksh, zsh" but ...
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Bash create parameter named array within function

I'm attempting to write a function that writes arrays with a name that's passed in. Given the following bash function: function writeToArray { local name="$1" echo "$name" ...
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Cannot Display Bash Functions within FZF Preview Window

How do I get the FZF Preview Window to Display Functions from my Current Bash Environment? I want to list my custom bash functions using FZF, and view the code of a selected function in the FZF ...
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Why does substituting eval with declare (for creating dynamic variables) result in an empty variable?

With bash >5, I'm trying to assign a different value to variables depending on the architecture specified in a variable. I use a function to do so. This works perfectly: # arguments: variable ...
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correct way of storing external programm and making it executable?

I downloaded the CLI Client habash for the habit/routine gameification project In the fandom wiki for habash it is written that, I need to set environment variables. Additonally I want ...
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Using cURL, jq, and declaration and for loop condition, I tried to download multiple files from a GitLab private repo, but it downloaded only one

I learned from the following sources: curl -O: Download a file with curl on Linux / Unix command line jq: How to urlencode data for curl command? Multiple files and curl -J: download pdf files from ...
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Declare command and shell expansion

I stumbled by accident on the following bash behaviour, which is for me kind of unexpected. # The following works $ declare bar=Hello # Line 1 $ declare -p bar ...
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Reading variable from a txt file using bash

I'm new to bash. I'm trying to write a script that will read data from a text find and declare some variables. In the example below we read from a tab delimited file "ab.txt" that looks like this: ...
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How to read keyboard input and assign it to a local variable?

I have this very simple script: #!/bin/bash read local _test echo "_test: $_test" This is the output. $ ./ sdfsdfs _test: I want the variable _test to be local only. Is this possible?
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What is a variable attribute?

I aim to understand the general concept of "variable attributes" hoping it will help me understand what is declare in Bash. What is a variable attribute? Why would someone want to give an attribute ...
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Does `declare -a A` create an empty array `A` in Bash?

Does declare -a A create an empty array A in bash, or does it just set an attribute in case A is assigned to later? Consider this code: set -u declare -a A echo ${#A[*]} echo ${A[*]} A=() echo ${#A[*...
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What is "declare" in Bash?

After reading ilkkachu's answer to this question I learned on the existence of the declare (with argument -n) shell built in. help declare brings: Set variable values and attributes. Declare ...
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Function to conditionally set a variable read-only

If I had a script which sets variables read-only to some odd values, and sets errexit because of other unsafe operations: #!/bin/bash set -e declare -r NOTIFY=$(case "$OS" in (macosx) echo ...
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Parse 3rd entry in declare result

I have this: cd 31 /Users/alexamil/WebstormProjects/oresoftware/botch/ the above style output, is given by this command: declare -F my_bash_func How can I grab just the ...
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