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How to change cursor shape, color, and blinkrate of Linux Console?

I know I can change some fundamental settings of the Linux console, things like fonts, for instance, with dpkg-reconfigure console-setup. But I'd like to change things like blinkrate, color, and ...
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XFCE hangs with hand cursor

I am using Xubuntu 12.04 in a remote environment. Of late, I am observing that sometimes the cursor turns into a hand and stops responding. I cannot do anything to fix it. The only solution seems to ...
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How to Calibrate Caret-Cursor's position when unstable Cursor in Debian?

Condition: unstable caret-cursor and its position Other complications: many enter-artifacts, much lost content because sudden selections of contents and overwrites, often ctrl+z does not work etc in ...
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Cursor is huge on Ubuntu due to high resolution monitor

So I have a 4k display, and for some reason Ubuntu decides that it's a good idea to give me a huge cursor instead of something normal. I don't have any DPI settings on the 4k monitor, and I don't want ...
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Highlight mouse for screencasts without disturbing workflow

For making documentation/tutorial videos, I need to highlight the mouse, for example with a yellow translucent corona around it: The marker should be active when clicking and moving, but if it's on ...
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Have you seen this cat?

I am of course referring to the 'screenmate' cat, Neko - looks like this: A few years ago, I remember Neko could follow my mouse cursor around, and was a helpful distraction from during long hours of ...
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Large cursor XFCE

I recently installed Antergos with Xfce. However, the default cursor is massive when it's over a window that isn't the OS itself. So, if I'm within the file manager everything looks normal. With ...
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DEC ANSI command sequence questions; cursor movement

So I'm writing a terminal emulation (I know, I should just compile putty, etc.) and am at the stage of plodding through vttest to make sure it's right. I'm basing it on the VT102 for now but will add ...
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Huge mouse cursor in some windows

When I try to search for this problem I get many results, but most of them seem to be about mouse cursor themes, and I haven't played with that, and can't see how that could explain the symptoms I see....
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Cursor moving erratically on its own

My System: OS: Linux Mint 18 Sarah KDE Plasma 5 laptop: Acer Aspire V112p this is the output of the command xinput xinput ⎡ Virtual core pointer id=2 [master ...
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