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A text program that draws ASCII pictures of cows.

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cowsay alternative

Can anyone tell me if there is an alternative to the cowsay command that prints dinosaurs instead of cows or other things? I tried with the -f flag, but I always have to change files to print ...
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Installed a fun program but can't run it without typing the full path

I installed cowsay, to try fun ways to learn linux commands. Using: sudo apt install cowsay And when I tried using it, like this: cowsay helloworld It did not work, I got bash: cowsay: command not ...
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bash script combining commands enable flags?

I made a basic bash script piping fortune and cowsay to make a wise cow, and titled it appropriately as wisecow Is there a way I can enable the flags associated with cowsay so that I can input ...
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tail -f error_log | cowsay

I'm watching the error logs on my local setup. I'd like to have the errors print out in cowsay, you know, for fun. tail -f error_log | cowsay doesn't work. Any ideas?
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Is it possible to inject newlines in the ouput of cowsay/cowthink while preserving the "bubble"?

I keep a printed version of the Bash manual handy so I'm curious about any changes made to it - especially since I don't always pay attention to the packages I update. Usually locally you have the ...
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Can the shell be more "offensive"?

My Gentoo Linux is compiled with the offensive USE flag enabled: # sudo su - Password: Hold it up to the light --- not a brain in sight! Password: It is also possible to select fortunes based on ...
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Cowfiles directory?

My bashrc issues a cow from cowsay and with a random fortune. Like this: echo -e "\e[00;33m $(fortune -a -o -s | cowsay -f $(ls /usr/share/cowsay/cows/ | shuf -n1) | sed -e 's/^/ /g')\e[00m" ...
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