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System76 Boring Backlight, how to control it?

I ever dislike the keyboards with lights, today after firmware update on my NS5x_NS7xPU the keyboard..become "with backlight". How to turn off? I have tried this command as root sh -c "...
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Missing ACPI tables on Linux Mint + Coreboot

I am using Linux Mint Linux version 5.15.0-76-generic on Lenovo Thinkpad x220 with flashed Coreboot BIOS. System boots but with ACPI errors, namely: [ 0.194996] ACPI Error: AE_NO_ACPI_TABLES, While ...
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Libreboot: Can I make ROMs on a powerful computer and then flash using RspberryPi

I will be trying to flash LibreBoot (a particular coreboot downstream) on to a thinkpad T440p. Even with libreboot - instructions are quite complex, but look entirely doable. There is one thing, ...
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Does Coreboot/SeaBIOS support GPT partition table?

Few days ago, I flashed my x230 with coreboot with this tutorial. Now, while I was installing Funtoo using its GPT-Partitioning guide (not using MBR-Partitioning), I got following error: EFI ...
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What is the relationship between COREBOOT and SEABIOS

I am interested in investing in hardware that supports libreboot, and I understand that it's a fork of coreboot with firmware blobs removed, however I do not understand what seabios is. I did some ...
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Can JTAG vulnerability lead to newer hardware support by coreboot? (bootguard bypass) [closed]

A of couple days ago I've stumbled upon this speech: The guy in the video speaks about Intel Mangement Engine, describes in details how it works and that ...
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Problems with hardware clock on my ThinkPad T420 after flashing Coreboot

After flashing coreboot I get the wrong date on my linux install. # date Mon 21 Mar 2089 04:03:42 AM UTC And when I try to read the date with hwclock I get this error # hwclock -r hwclock: ioctl(...
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x230 upgrade, keep losing wifi (internal card, dongle)

I am having incredible trouble with networking. (original post, different forum). I'm upgrading a secondhand Thinkpad x230 (installed: coreboot with SeaBIOS, have run me_cleaner, using Lubuntu Cosmic)...
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What is coreboot?

I read it's about replacing the firmware on a board, but why do they need to do this, and does it effect the ability to install other OSs on the board?
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