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Bash coproc with python

I am playing with the coproc of Bash and I am failing to understand something. I started with the following example: Example#1 $ coproc MY_BASH { bash; } [1] 95244 $ echo 'ls -l; echo EOD' >&&...
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How does bash know about its parent's coprocess in this situation, and why does a shebang line change it? ls -l /proc/$$/exe coproc cat ./ kill $! ls -l /proc/$$/exe set | grep COPROC || echo No match found coproc cat kill $! When I run ./, this gets printed: ...
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Return value vs return status of a coprocess

I don't understand this sentence about Coprocesses in the bash man page: Since the coprocess is created as an asynchronous command, the coproc command always returns success. The return status of a ...
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zsh, zpty: How to read the output of a process after it has exited?

Start some command with zpty: zpty -d x ; zpty x 'echo hi' ; sleep 1 How do I read its output now that it has exited? zpty -r x Returns 2, and this behavior seems expected per the manpage.
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coproc and named pipe behaviour under command substitution

I have a requirement to make a function in a zsh shell script, that is called by command substitution, communicate state with subsequent calls to the same command substitution. Something like C's ...
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Using coprocess to write a name referenced variable in BASH

I currently try to start background process with coproc and update a name reference variable. My not working code: function updateVariable(){ local -n myVar="${1}" #i=0; while : do ...
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Usage of cvlc with coproc

I'm trying to feed to file descriptor .mp3 files the with the dummy interface of vlc, i.e., cvlc, in order to add to a playlist on the fly or override the entire file descriptor with new data (new ....
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Coproc in bash script

I'm trying to do a simple shell script that will make my raspberry's bluetooth discoverable but i'm facing some issues. My raspberry is running Raspbian. Running this through command line works ...
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Is it possible to have multiple concurrent coprocesses?

The intent of the test script1 below is to start an "outer" coprocess (running seq 3), read from this coprocess in a while-loop, and for each line read, print a line identifying the current iteration ...
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Run command in background with foreground terminal access

I am trying to create a function that can run an arbitrary command, interact with the child process (specifics omitted), and then wait for it to exit. If successful, typing run <command> will ...
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How does bash coprocess achieve its pipelining?

Note this passage from man bash ( emphasis mine ): Coprocesses A coprocess is a shell command preceded by the coproc reserved word. A coprocess is executed asynchronously in a subshell, as ...
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Is coproc <command> the same as <command> &? [duplicate]

I have read that $coproc < command > is different from $< command > & in that coproc will execute command in a sub-shell process. But when I tested it, it worked just like $< ...
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inter process comunication in bash read commands in multiple background functions

I'm trying to get the following code to read from a main input then read that in one function then be able to send that into the input of another function but i am having trouble getting it to work ...
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Why does this gawk coprocess hang?

While having a go at Convert date in bash shell, I tried GNU awk's coprocess feature: gawk -F, -v cmd='date +"%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S" -f-' '{print $5 |& cmd; cmd |& getline d; $5 = d}1' foo This ...
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Joined pipelines

Considering a routine such as this one: alpha() { echo a b c |tr ' ' '\n'; } which outputs a stream, I would like to take the output stream, transform it, and paste it with the original output ...
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How do you use the command coproc in various shells?

Can someone provide a couple of examples on how to use coproc?
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