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How to test if a program was invoked by a console user?

I've built an application that emulates a HID device via /dev/uhid on linux. My application is broken into two programs. First, a very simple setuid root binary that opens /dev/uhid and emulates ...
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What's the difference between consolekit and elogind?

ConsloeKit is the traditional mechanism for tracking user sessions on Linux. eLogind has similar functionality, but is based on systemd and "independentized". What are the differences in their ...
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could not connect to ConsoleKit: Could not get owner of name 'org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit': no such name

OS: Linux Mint 18.2 Cinnamon 64-bit (which is based on Ubuntu 16.04) In an effort to disable hibernation, I did the following with a consequence. After I have moved the following polkit file to root ...
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polkit.d - no such file or directory

When consolekit starts on my system, polkitd also starts and during that startup, I see an error message complaining that polkitd cannot find files that exist. I checked the permissions and they seem ...
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Polkit/Consolekit is not working in openRC

some time ago I moved from Systemd to OpenRC. It was very different, to be able to use audio and webcam I had to add my user to the audio, optical and video group. As some software uses pkexec to be ...
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Giving a user access to the webcam

I have a user that I use to run untrusted programs (more specifically, Skype). I would like to give that user access to the webcam. I am using Debian, where the standard way to do this is to put ...
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ConsoleKit reports active/is-local only on the second+ login

Running KDE Frameworks 5, Plasma 5, using sddm as a display manager. ConsoleKit and PAM-linux are both installed. Upon login (using the sddm login screen), ck-list-sessions returns FALSE for both is-...
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gentoo xfce auth problem

When i launch xfce on normla user: with consolekit and dbus i have all shutdown,reboo,suspend etc buttons but the are grey inactive. Without consolekit and dbus I can shutdown but ther are no susupend ...
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What processes on CentOS6/RHEL regulates user login but not password itself?

I was doing some maintenance via root account over ssh after several months of inattention. I shutdown, after startup I can't log in to root account at tty or via ssh. Fortunately, sudo works to ...
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disable console-kit logging

My X login manager (slim) has brought with it a dependency on a package consolekit I don't know what consolekit is good for, other login managers such as wdm do not need it. But anyway, the problem I ...
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What is the difference between a system with consolekit and the one without it?

First of all, I'm using Debian testing system with standalone Openbox. I don't have systemd, just sysvinit, and I certainly won't use systemd . Yesterday my Debian box started returning messages like ...
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console-kit-daemon Hogging CPU and RAM

We have a system that's been a bit sluggish. top reports that console-kit-daemon takes anywhere from 18-30% CPU and about 50% memory. There are only two users logged in, one on X and one via ssh. Any ...
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Restricting D-Bus access to the logged-in user via ConsoleKit or systemd

I need to restrict the client of a D-Bus service to only the user logged into the system locally, via ConsoleKit or systemd. How must I configure or write the D-Bus service to do so?
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How do DE's call ACPI functions?

Okay, first off, this is not a problem I am facing, but I would like to understand this better. If I wish to shutdown / reboot my machine from the command line I need to call: $ sudo poweroff $ sudo ...
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Can it harm if I shutdown without closing applications?

Can it hurt if I shut down my machine without closing all programs? I normally close all of them by hand, but have heard from others that this is really not necessary anymore (i.e. Linux will take ...
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How can I activate the current session in ConsoleKit?

I have a live Debian Squeeze system on a USB drive, containing a script I use to image another drive. This script uses udisks to mount a drive by label, but it doesn't work over a serial console. The ...
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Schedule halt using ConsoleKit and Dbus

I have been playing with Dbus (versions 1.4.0, in Ubuntu 10.10 and 1.4.14) and ConsoleKit (versions 0.4.1 and 0.4.5) to reboot or halt my computer without being a superuser. Everything works fine in ...
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How to shutdown with consolekit without sysvinit (but with systemd)

I have systemd (and no sysvinit) installed on a Arch Linux box. However, I cannot shutdown/reboot with consolekit (dbus interface). # systemctl {shutdown,reboot} work just fine, so I guess it's ...
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How do I shut down a system through a ConsoleKit DBus message as user?

I found the following command line to shut down a Debian/GNU Linux system dbus-send \ --system \ --dest=org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit \ --type=method_call \ --print-reply \ --reply-timeout=...
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What are ConsoleKit and PolicyKit? How do they work?

I have seen that recent GNU/Linux are using ConsoleKit and PolicyKit. What are they for? How do they work? The best answer should explain what kind of problem each one tries to solve, and how they ...
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