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Shrinking (compressing) and restoring (decompressing) of data.

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How to verify size of pigz (parallel gzip) archive contents? [duplicate]

I created some pigz (parallel gzip) - home page - compressed archives of my SSD disk drives. (compiled version 2.8) I called one of them 4TB-SATA-disk--Windows10--2024-Jan-21.img.gz which says the ...
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What free tool does Nautilus use to extract RAR files?

I have noticed that Nautilus (GNOME Files) can extract some RAR files that cannot be extracted using free packages like unrar-free or file-roller via CLI, nor using GUI tools like Engrampa or ...
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Is it possible to obtain .tar from .tar.bz2?

I need to extract a specific folder from .tar.bz2 (34G). The issue is that it takes 1 hour. I guess that this is due to the compression. I guess that w/o compression extraction of a specific folder ...
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Accurately monitoring RAM and swap usage while running zswap compression

I'm running zswap on 6.2.0-39-generic (Ubuntu 22.04, HWE). My understanding is that zswap intercepts pages marked for swap, compresses them (if possible) and stores them in a compressed section of the ...
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Failed to run init with error: jffs2: compression type 0x06 not available

I am working on an embedded Linux system (5.10.24), and I am using jffs2 as the rootfs. Now I changed the kernel configuration of jffs2 as follows, # CONFIG_JFFS2_FS_WBUF_VERIFY is not set # ...
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Can't install zstd on ol6

Is there a way to install the Zstandard compressor on Oracle Linux 6.10, or only since OL7 version? On OL7 version, I've discovered that zstd resides on "Optional Latest" repository. But, on ...
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compress multiple files at once but don't put them all into one file?

I want to compress multiple files at once (one command) but I don't want to put them into same directory or same file. How'd I do it?
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Creating a compressed image of an exFAT USB drive using dd

My system is running Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS. I plug a USB drive into that system. That USB drive (/dev/sdb) contains an Ubuntu installation, mostly in an ext4 partition (/dev/sdb3). That installation ...
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Recursively xv compress each file in multiple subdirectories?

I have multiple directories and subdirectories, with files inside. I would like to recursively compress each file in these (sub)directories with xv (xz -9ze -T0) which are not .xv files yet, without ...
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OCR high res images & combine OCR data later, after image compression?

I have a large number of .tif's coming out of ScanTailor. Is there a way that I might OCR those .tif's with tesseract, holding the OCR data separate from the images; then compress the images, and ...
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How can I evaluate tars and gzips for validity without expanding them?

LONG ago I wrote a backup script for our site and have updated it ever since. However, occasionally things go wrong and some of the older backups are now broken. In days gone by I had used the utility ...
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What file compression software/algorithm is best for mixed types of files? [closed]

I am looking to backup a large amount (~400GB) of different types of files (50% images and videos, 30% audio, 20% text). I hesitate to give an amount by which I'd like the size to be reduced, since I ...
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Merge the split file vs Original compressed file

On Ubuntu 22.04, I found these 2 methods will get different sha256 of archive_tgz tar czf /a/archive_tgz . tar czf /dev/stdout . | split -d -b 200M - /a/archive. && cat /a/archive.* > /a/...
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Download a file and piping to uncompress is not as fast as expected

I need to download and decompress a file as quickly as possible in a very latency sensitive environment with limited resources (A VM with 1 cpu, 2 cores, 128MB RAM) Naturally, I tried to pipe the ...
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btrfs configurations for various subvols

Is there a recommended for how much to compress various subvolumes based on their use purpose? In my case, I have subvols @, @home, .snapshots/@root, .snapshots/@home, @srv, var/@log, var/@cache. This ...
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How can I have rotated log files without a numbered suffix using Linux logrotate?

I have on my server more file rotate, but when I want to compress it, i Have an extension 1.gz, but I just want .gz These files are automatically rotate by the application: server.log.2023-03-16 ...
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ZFS - Why do compressed files show disk usage of nearly double the apparent size?

Using FreeBSD 11.1-STABLE, I have a ZFS dataset configured with gzip-9 compression, as well as a recordsize of 8K. (This volume is for archiving of small files, not speed.) zfs get all pool02/...'s user avatar
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Issue viewing compressed file with "zless", but not with "zmore" or "gunzip -c"

On my FreeBSD 13.2 system, the zless utility cannot view text files compressed with gzip or compress, warning that they may be binary files and then showing garbage if I say I want to see the contents ...
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Unrar all .rar files in a directory to a folder with the same name

Here is an example of what I am trying to do: I have a folder (called 'dir') that contains the following: dir |_sub1.rar |_sub2.rar |_sub3.rar I will cd ~/ to dir and want to run a command that will ...
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How to compress disk swap

I am looking for a way to compress swap on disk. I am not looking for wider discussion of alternative solutions. See discussion at the end. I have tried... Using compressed zfs zvol for swap is NOT ...
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Is possible compress and uncompress a file with a password but considering an expiration date too?

In Linux about compression files can be accomplished with the tar and zip/unzip commands, perhaps more. I know that is possible establish a password protection for security reasons. The question is: ...
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What POSIX utility can I use to decompress files with the .xz extension?

Instead of using non-POSIX tools such as unxz, what POSIX utility can I use to decompress files with the .xz extension? Neither xz nor unxz is a POSIX command, so if I want to run only POSIX commands, ...
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Symlinking a .desktop files compresses the file

I am trying to install an application needed for my university. Whenever I am trying to symlink the .desktop file from original folder, it somehow compresses it and then puts it in the .local/share/...
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Normal gz file not extractable by tar [duplicate]

I have a gz archive but for some reason tar said that the format is incorrect even though I can double click it in mac Finder and extract it normally, and file command shows the same format just like ...
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btrfs mount with compress fails with udisksctl but succeeds with mount?

$ sudo mkfs.btrfs -fL borgbackups /dev/vgxubuntu/borgbackups $ udisksctl mount -o compress=ztsd:15 -b /dev/mapper/vgxubuntu-borgbackups Error mounting /dev/dm-3: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.UDisks2....
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See the file name and size within a (.Z) compressed file without uncompressing it

I have tons of .Z compressed files scattered across various directores and need to see the size of the file within it. I don't plan on uncompressing all the .Z files. Is there a way to see the content ...
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Winrar error: Attempting to correct the invalid file or folder name

Posting this since I could not find it using Google and this took weeks. When extracting using Winrar, I am getting ! Attempting to correct the invalid file or folder name ! Renaming C:\Users\noam.s\...
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Extract first n bytes from .tar.gz and output as a .tar.gz in a single command

I have a .tar.gz as input and want to extract the first 128 MiB of it and output as a .tar.gz in a single command. I tried: sudo tar xzOf input.tar.gz | sudo dd of=output bs=1M count=128 iflag=...
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How to extract subdirectory from tar into another tar without `sudo`?

Given A tar file with rootfs where all permissions and ownerships are set. Expected A tar file with content of subdirectory, let's say usr/local/lib where permissions and ownerships are retained. ...
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Are .DAT files the same as compressed files in Unix?

Please confirm if .DAT extension files are the same as compressed format files (.zip ) in Unix. As I try to use gzip filename.DAT then is the original 2 GB file size the same after compression? Is ...
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How do you ssh using zstd dynamic compression?

I want to set up my ssh tunnel to do dynamic compression so that I get maximum throughput for the bandwidth and CPU resources I have available on each end. Since gzip compression is built-in and not ...
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Compression, and a disk image of a LUKS container

I have a dd image of disk, which is a LUKS container containing a filesystme, and which I can loop mount and unlock to access the files. The filesystem in the container is only about 1/4 full. What ...
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Most portable decompression file format, and command

Looking for a file format that is guaranteed to have a decompression command preinstalled on all POSIX Unix/Linux installations. The .Z file can be decompressed by uncompress. But am not sure if ...
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Common practices for backup compression levels

This question may be a bit "opinion based", but please consider it as looking for authoritative source of information on the use of compression levels. I have a server with few databases ...
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"gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file" after using tar with split

I have a folder of roughly 600MB of images in a folder output_test. I then create 100MB chunks of tar.gz files using the following command: tar -czf - output_test/ | split --bytes=100MB -d -a 3 - ...
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Record count and cksum on compressed file

There is a file of 40 GB in gz format. I want to find the record count and cksum of this file in uncompressed format. One approach I have is: Unzip the file using gunzip Use wc, cksum commands on ...
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Compressing an archive of images does not reduce its size significantly

I have lots of pictures to back up from my computer to an external hard drive. I want to make archives of all picture folders I want to back up and compress them to save space on my external drive. I ...
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tar lzma autocompression produces the error "This does not look like a tar archive"

The following script mkdir test && cd test mkdir files touch files/{1,2,3} tar --create --file "test.lzma" files/{1,2,3} --auto-compress mkdir extracted_files tar --extract --file &...
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How to do a transparent compression of a folder on Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint? [duplicate]

Its known, its possible to compress complete file systems by useing p.e. btrfs. Also known it`s possible to compress p.e. Ext4 and some other file systems inside a .qcow2 useing VM. See follow: How to ...
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How can i use ffmpeg to compress a .mp4 ( h264 ) to a smaller size without quality loss? [duplicate]

Hello i am kinda new with ffmpeg and learning everyday, i am now looking for on how i can compress a video in a smaller size. since i have some 1920x1080 mp4 files with a rediculous high size. For ...
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How to run zlib from terminal on Ubuntu?

I've installed zlib1g but still zlib isn't available from the terminal. How can I find the executable to run it? Or is there an easier way I'm overlooking? The reason for this is that I want to ...
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How do I view contents of initramfs.img in Debian-based distributions?

I often have open questions regarding the booting of a machine with GNU/Linux installed. In such cases, it could be helpful to view which files are present in the initramfs image. I have googled for a ...
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How to mount a compressed file for random reading? [duplicate]

I have a large disk image that I don't need to access now, but I might in the future. I'd like to compress it, but without needing to fully decompress it to read it. If I compress it with an algorithm ...
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How to use jpegoptim to have files only 20kb in size?

I have tried using jpegoptim and even tried the manpage but am stumped. Here is a file I want to reduce to 50k and even open to reducing quality of the data - Image: Filename: shirish.jpg Format: ...
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Why are zips still used even when kernels compress files by default?

Why aren't .zips obsolete, now that most, if not all, modern kernels support on-the-fly compression?
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How to extract all uncorrupted file from bzip2 compression?

I am trying to uncompresss a bzip2 file (~55 GB) with the command tar -jxvf file.tar.bz2 However I found that the decompression process gets stuck at a certain file and, after waiting a long duration, ...
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How do I extract a .tar.xz file? [duplicate]

Some software seems to be distributed in a new archive format: $ file node-v18.7.0-linux-x64.tar.xz node-v18.7.0-linux-x64.tar.xz: XZ compressed data How do I extract this, preferably using tar (like ...
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Compressing small files with gzip makes its size smaller than with bzip2, why? [closed]

I have a question, just a little thing couch my eyes it's about compression with gzip and bzip2: If I understood correctly - bzip2 requires more processing power but compresses files smaller and more ...
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Looking for a linux backup tool multithreaded with encryption and good compression algorithm

I am looking for a linux backup tool to upgrade my backup strategy. Today I do full backups everyday on Linux server (Ubuntu 20.04). I prefer to backup data directly inside our VMs and send to another ...
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Why GZIP utility cares about extension?

Whenever I need to decompress a file which was compressed with Gzip, I need to rename the file with a .gz extension , I tried other compression utility like zip, bzip2 and they don't seem to care ...
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