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how to use libinput-gestures in xfce4 to trigger zoom in xfwm-compositor

I was looking for a way to zoom smoothly(continuous zoom) on text or images, and i found that xfwm4-compositor does that by default by pressing meta+scroll. I want to trigger it by pinch in|pinch out ...
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Picom compositor conflicts

I am on Arch using Xorg, lightdm, and Cinnamon. When I try to run Picom in Cinnamon I get: ~$ picom [ 11/20/22 23:52:28.630 session_init FATAL ERROR ] Another composite manager is already running I ...
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Linux: Redshift is blinking

I am using Arch linux with i3wm and picom as compositor. I would like to be able to use redshift. But when I launch redshift, it turns itself on and off every two seconds, resulting in annoying screen ...
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how to determine which composite manager is running

I'm using Arch Linux, and have both Gnome and the i3 window manager installed. When running i3, I'm trying to initiate the composite manager Compton. But trying to do so results in the following error:...
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Webcam and Desktop composite with v4l2loopback?

Is there anyway to do a composite video setup where the webcam is overlain onto the desktop and output as a video device (simulated webcam)?
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Automatic rights change when virtual COM ports are enumerated

I am developing a uC device which enumerates as three virtual COMs (actually it is a composite device). Everything works perfect except one small thing. Those ports belong to the dialout group and can ...
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Composite manager for i3wm

Is there any composite manager to use with i3 except Compton. I am having serious tearing and ghosting. I have been using various Compton configuration none of which are working. So if there is a ...
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Recursively execute imagemagick composite command in directory tree

I have a large directory tree with many sub-folders and lots of images within each one. I found a script that applies watermark to all images within a directory, in-place, overwriting the original ...
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Difference between server-side and client-side compositing in Xorg?

xcompmgr provides the following option: -s Server-side compositing with hard-edged shadows. From experimentation, I can say that this is much, much faster than the "client side" options. But ...
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Why is video tearing such a problem in Linux?

I've used many variants of Linux(mostly Debian derivatives) for over a decade now. One problem that I haven't seen solved satisfactorily is the issue of horizontal tearing, or Vsync not being ...
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XFCE or pure X11 commands, toggle compositing immediately without restarting X

How can i disable compositing via the command line? I need to disable temporarily for some games, like Nexuiz, for use in a wrapper script to toggle compositing status.
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Scroll between tags in Awesome WM

How can I add smooth scrolling between tags in the Awesome WM? I realize I can't run compiz with Awesome. Is there something comparable that I can run? I don't need any other effects, switching ...
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Will there be third party compositing with Gnome 3, or will it be limited?

Will we still be able to use Compiz?
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Disable Composite without restarting X

In order for me to watch HD videos without tearing, I need to disable my Composite setting in xorg.conf Section "Extensions" Option "Composite" "Disable" EndSection But I love my transparency, ...
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