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diff with pretty 'syntax' highlighting.

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How to show colred red green diff patch?

I already generated a diff patch between 2 files: diff file1 file2 > file3 Does there a way to display properly the file3 path, in a colored way. cat file3 do the job but there's no colors.
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Color-coded git diff -> less doesn't properly show color

I'm working remotely on a SLES11 machine (woe is me). On this machine, I'm using git, and specifically, git diff, which passes its results to less with some of colorization. Now, for some reason, ...
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Colorizing a diff of diffs in git

The setup I wrote a script that checks if a merge commit was resolved successfully by displaying a diff of diffs before an after the merge. For example, if my history looks like this: * 5c8cb0d2 merge ...
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colordiff - how to retain color while saving to file

Is it possible to retain the color while storing the diff output in a file? This is working and showing the colors in terminal colordiff -yW 1000 --suppress-common-lines file1 file2 > tempfile ...
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Colored word-diff just like git's?

I've been for long using git's (colored) --word-diff which I find awesome. I found myself today in a situation where I had two strings I needed to compare word by word and craving for something just ...
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Git pager is less, but what is causing the output coloring?

less itself isn't capable of doing syntax highlighting, according to this thread. However, git diff nicely shows colored output in less, its default pager. When I redirect the output of git diff ...
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Why doesn't colordiff work with stdin?

I have one file and one input coming from a pipe. They're identical. So why does colordiff report differences?: echo "123" | colordiff <(echo "123") - 1d0 < 123 It looks that this is colordiff ...
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