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Stuck at boot, no GUI, login on tty not possible after upgrade to Debian 12

I upgraded my system to Debian 12, but I cannot login any more after I rebooted when the package installation seemed to be completed. The login prompt (on tty) tells me login incorrect after typing ...
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systemd Firewall .service Unit: Type=exec or Type=oneshot?

I'm debugging a firewall .service unit and a few questions arise. One of those questions is the unit's best service type, either exec or oneshot. Virtually no comparisons of the two appear in my ...
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Linux boot process

OS: GNU + Linux Boot partition: /dev/sda1 After the MBR makes its decision on which is the active partition (boot partition), it gives control to the Kernel Boot Loader, generally GRUB, to load the ...
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Starting the Linux Kernel (Boot Process)

I'm trying to understand the Linux boot process: I understand that in the (set by GRUB) first stage, the kernel (as a compressed image file) is loaded into memory and decompressed. When control is ...
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How is initramfs loaded if it resides on the filesystem it is supposed to unlock?

I’ve got a chicken and egg type conundrum I’m trying to figure out: First point: If one of the purposes of initramfs is to load the main file system by providing some necessary drivers (RAID for ...
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Auto-connect VPN in Kali Linux?

I currently have a working VPN on my Kali Linux box however I feel uncomfortable with the fact that sometimes I forget to manually connect it in the network manager. After digging around everywhere ...
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Ubuntu unable to boot after I deleted 2 partitions

I've ubuntu 16.04 installed on my hard drive of laptop consuming total space of the drive. I would be installing 16.10 alongside that and so I was trying to make space available for the same. I ...
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How does Grub Stage1, exactly, access/load stage 2? [duplicate]

This is my first ever question, I have put this question in front of Red Hat Instructors but didn't find any satisfying answers. I'm using RHEL/CENTOS6, GRUB Legacy 0.97, and have consulted heaps of ...
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Extlinux.conf on separate partition?

I'm trying to configure a system with separate boot partition, booted with U-boot and extlinux loader. Could I locate extlinux.conf on separate partition, but kernel (zImage) and device tree on root ...
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Netctl causes getty to clear the screen and re-display the issue message

I have systemd configured to not clear the terminal before calling getty, and also getty itself is run with the --noclear option, so that my boot messages are left displayed when the login prompt from ...
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Problem with Linux mint 17.2 boot

I have installed this once already but had problems after loading and formatting a iPod shuffle with Rhythmbox. This mint 17.2 seems to be a lot more compatible with my MacBook Pro than the Ubuntu 13....
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Runtime parameters for a systemd service

I am a little confused about how runtime parameters are normally supplied to a systemd service. The general idea I have is that the following happens: There is a file that contains the environment ...
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