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External USB 3 Blu Ray

I am running Linux Mint 21.2 Cinnamon 64-bit on a LabTop 1.5 GHz 8 GB Ram. I need to buy an external Blu Ray drive for loading my Blu Ray Movie-discs onto my harddrive and convert them via MakeMkv or ...
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How to run mkfs on a BD-RE in linux

~ # mkfs.btrfs /dev/sr0 btrfs-progs v6.3.3 See for more information. ERROR: '/dev/sr0' is too small to make a usable filesystem ERROR: minimum size for each btrfs device ...
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Ripping multi-angle bluray video

I have some Bluray disks I am attempting to rip video from. Normally I'd use ffmpeg and select a playlist to rip and be done with it. With these discs, however, the videos make use of the alternate ...
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How can I watch an encrypted Blu-ray on a Linux desktop?

I have some retail Blu-Ray movies with DRM that I want to watch on my Linux desktop. I want to watch the movie directly from the disc. Tutorials I found online tell me how to rip it to a file, but I ...
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Engrave on M-Disc

I want to use 100GB M-Disc for Backup. How can one determine whether the M-Disc Writing was engraved properly and successfully on the non-volatile substance? I plan to use Brasero for writing. What ...
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Blu-ray drive suddenly cannot recognise any Blu-ray discs, but CDs and DVDs work fine

I've been attempting (somewhat fruitlessly) to rip a Blu-ray disc that appears to have a bad sector on it (thanks, BBC). The problem is, after using MakeMKV to try and backup the disc, the drive is ...
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Archiving files on Linux using Pioneer BDR-XD07B Blu-ray burner

I'm using Fedora v32. The only support I could find for Blu-ray burners on Linux is either xfburn or growisofs. I'd like to add files for backup and then burn it. When I tried using xfburn and ...
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Why can't I mount my optical drive in Linux Mint 19.3

I'm having trouble mounting my optical drive in Linux Mint 19.3. I figured this constituted a new question because of how outdated other posts have been on the topic. My system: ~$ uname -a Linux ...
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Burning large files on BD. Capacity confusion

I have a couple of large files I want to burn to an M-Disc 50G BD-R DL. Files are larger than 4G so I have to use UDFv3, if I am not mistaken. (Or split, which I am not especially keen on doing.) A ...
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Patching air gapped RHEL 6.x systems at remote sites

I need to provide the means to patch red hat systems at remote locations that do not have internet connections. My original plan was to reposync the RHEL-workstation repository and throw that along ...
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Why does gedit need libbluray?

Pardon me if this is something that "everybody knows," but gedit (the gnome gui text editor) has a dependency on libbluray. I've googled and read the release notes for gedit, with no luck, and I can'...
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Second session written to BD-R disc using -Z flag of growisofs instead of -M. Can first session be made visible?

On Ubuntu Linux, I wrote files to a BD-R using growisofs, per: growisofs -Z /dev/sr0 -R -J -f -graft-points ... Then I wanted to add more files, but I was not paying enough attention, I ran ...
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FreeBSD and DD a Blu-Ray Disk

How do I mount a Blu-Ray Movie Disk in FreeBSD 10? I don't need to decrypt the disk, I just need to access the data and copy it to an ISO files so I can transfer the image to another a windows ...
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How do I get to know my optical drives read and write capabilities?

I want to learn which media my optical device can read and write to?
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What about hfs+ file system, `k3b` iso's and `growisofs` makes my blu-ray disk a coaster?

I backed up my MacBook using a Blu-ray burner on my CentOS server. When I try to mount the Blu-ray disk, $ mount -t hfsplus /dev/sr0 /mnt/bluray I get the error, mount: no medium found on /dev/sr0 ...
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Open HDMV PGS subtitles in GNU/Linux

I wanted to know if there's any software in GNU/Linux which can read BluRay subtitles (HDMV PGS). I'm not talking about making an OCR to convert them to SRT like everyone asks, but just reading them ...
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Debian blu-ray and dvd both have 3 disks, what is the purpose of the blu-ray discs?

I tried to download the Debian "testing" (aka "stretch) install media that is blu-ray because I wanted a one disk solution. When I went to the Debian site to download the blu-ray disk... there was 3 ...
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Installed Blu-Ray/DVD drive over SATA 3 link, no longer able to boot

I'm having a really weird problem after installing a new Blu-Ray/DVD drive last night into a SATA 3 port on my desktop. My installed Linux distribution (Ubuntu 12.04/elementary Luna/kernel 3.7.5) ...
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Debian Jessie unable to read blu-ray

I've just installed a Pioneer BDC-207DBK blu-ray drive into my Debian Jessie media/file server. The idea being I want to rip my DVD/Blu-ray collection to the hard drives and access them from within ...
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How to extract the WAV tracks from Blu-ray or DVD-Audio discs?

I would like to find a way to rip the WAV tracks (LPCM 2.0, 192kHz, 24-bit) from a Blu-ray Audio or a DVD-Audio disc using Linux. (Once extracted, it should then be a breeze to encode the audio tracks ...
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Can XBMC play Blu-Ray disks?

Can XBMC play Blu-Ray disks without other steps (e.g. manually decrypting it - if I buy a Blu-ray movie, can it be played out of the box)?
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Best practices for writing Blu-Ray discs on Linux

I recently bought a Blu-Ray writer and am wondering how to best write the discs. The scenario is: I have a directory full of files and want to put them on the disc, read them back once to verify, and ...
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