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Questions tagged [bashdb]

bashdb is a gdb-like debugger for bash

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10 votes
1 answer

How can I install bashdb on Ubuntu 18.04

I upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04 and noted that my bash db installations removed. I tried to reinstall it, but apt can not find it. m@m-XPS-M1530:~$ sudo apt-get -y update Hit:1 http://security.ubuntu....
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1 answer

Bash-Script is not executing command, but if command entered manually, it works

this is my bash-script: #!/bin/bash sleep 3 sudo apt-get update && echo 'y' | sudo apt-get upgrade cd /opt/ sleep 5 wget
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1 answer

"Debugging" with bashdb: why do I lose command echo after stepping into a simple script?

I heard about the bash debugger ( bashdb ) after reading a comment so I thought I should try it out and see if it can help me analyze bash scripts or more generally the execution of commands. There ...
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