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4 answers

ASCII art of letters, with the letters using their own characters

If I execute banner ABC I get: # ###### ##### # # # # # # # # # # # # # ###### # ####### # # # # # # # # # # # ###### ##### and another ...
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2 answers

Disable SSH MOTD/Banner for a specific user

I have a custom shell in /bin/that returns an echo and exists. I have a user that is exclusively linked to that shell only so that when someone tries to ssh into the server using that user via pubkey ...
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2 answers

Change SSH banner which is grabbed by netcat

I have installed openssh server. I want to disable banner which is shown when I do :: nc 22 It shows something like this :: SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_6.7p1 Raspbian-5 . How to make it show something ...
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RHEL : what does "\S Kernel \r on an \m" mean in /etc/

If I cat /etc/, it has this inside: \S Kernel \r on an \m When I use this as the ssh banner, it does not expand and just prints it as it's written. What is this?
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After SSH login linux output a kernel version

I can't hide or delete the banner when I'm logging in via ssh. This is my example: "Linux aedd7472f871 6.1.0-kali5-amd64 #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Debian 6.1.12-1kali2 (2023-02-23) x86_64" How ...
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Is there a way to edit the title of GNU GRUB2 itself (not a title of a menu entry)?

I'm interested in knowing if there's a way to edit the GRUB2 boot menu to display a banner at the top. We have several machines that boot from SAN. I'm doing migrations and our SAN team ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Slackware: print horrible banner

See banner on old sysV perfect See on slackware with xfce4 terminal(same on SV4), i can't put the entire image because is very long, put only the last letter What to check? Of course i have tried ...
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1 answer

how to distinguish ssh from scp in ~/.ssh/rc?

I'd like to launch neofetch (a small utility that displays a banner) each time I log into a remote server via OpenSSH. So, I just added /usr/bin/neofetch into my ~/.ssh/rc file, and it works fine. The ...
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How to disable “Last failed login” message on Centos?

How can I disable the message below when a specific user logs into a Centos machine from console? Last failed login: Sun Jun 30 22:32:35 EST 2018 from on ssh:notty There were 3 failed ...
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0 answers

Generating 'ASCII-art' banners with arrows

I recently discovered figlet which generates ASCII-art banners. Joy! ... but, alas, I want a banner with an arrow on it. Now... $ figlet unicode → arrow _ _ //\ ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Is it possible to have SSH display an "active" banner, by running a script to generate the banner each time, rather than read a static file

The sshd_config banner directive reads a file, but I want it to run a script, and ideally personalize the banner to the user... is this possible with ssh, or is there a way I can create a device file ...
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1 vote
0 answers

How to prevent automated message being printed every time I sudo, without changing global settings?

At my office whenever I log into a linux server I get a standard message which basically amounts to "You consent to us monitoring you if you use this machine". This has been required part of every ...
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How to check if warning banners have been created in a shell script

What are the commands needed to run a script showing warning banners have been created with if else statement? Eg: If [something == something] echo " Banners created" else echo "Banners not ...
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Tmux Banner Issues

Im getting frustrated... I definitely think this shouldn't be so hard. But here I am hours later and no real solution. All I want is to display a text banner in top pane. The bottom pane will be a ...
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1 answer

CUPS bannertopdf error with permission denied despite "none" banners

When printing I get "Filter failed". According to the CUPS logs, the banner is set to "none" but still the bannertopdf filter fails with permission denied error output: D [21/Dec/...
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2 answers

Linux package to display a given text bigger [duplicate]

Is there a Linux package that can output any text passed to it in a bigger size, essentially without changing font size of the terminal. Basically looking for something like this; $ echobig "hi there!...
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Figlet error: text does not match

I have an error with Figlet command: the output text does not match the input.
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