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A pattern-directed scanning and processing language.

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How can I replace a string in a file(s)?

Replacing strings in files based on certain search criteria is a very common task. How can I replace string foo with bar in all files in the current directory? do the same recursively for sub ...
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Show sum of file sizes in directory listing

The Windows dir directory listing command has a line at the end showing the total amount of space taken up by the files listed. For example, dir *.exe shows all the .exe files in the current directory,...
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Is there a basic tutorial for grep, awk and sed? [closed]

I've been a Linux user for a while, and I've a pretty decent understanding of most the common command line utilities. However, ones that come up and up again in relation to programming are grep, awk, ...
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Using awk to sum the values of a column, based on the values of another column

I am trying to sum certain numbers in a column using awk. I would like to sum just column 3 of the "smiths" to get a total of 212. I can sum the whole column using awk but not just the "smiths". I ...
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How to use a shell command to only show the first column and last column in a text file?

I need some help to figure out how to use the sed command to only show the first column and last column in a text file. Here is what I have so far for column 1: cat logfile | sed 's/\|/ /'|awk '{...
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Remove line containing certain string and the following line

I use this cat foo.txt | sed '/bar/d' to remove lines containing the string bar in the file. I would like however to remove those lines and the line directly after it. Preferably in sed, awk or ...
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How do you list number of lines of every file in a directory in human readable format.

I have a list of directories and subdirectories that contain large csv files. There are about 500 million lines in these files, each is a record. I would like to know How many lines are in each ...
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How to read first and last line from cat output?

I have text file. Task - get first and last line from file after $ cat file | grep -E "1|2|3|4" | commandtoprint $ cat file 1 2 3 4 5 Need this without cat output (only 1 and 5). ~$ cat file | ...
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How to parse JSON with shell scripting in Linux?

I have a JSON output from which I need to extract a few parameters in Linux. This is the JSON output: { "OwnerId": "121456789127", "ReservationId": "r-48465168", "Groups": [],...
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Replacing string based on line number

I have a situation where i want to replace a particular string in many files Replace a string AAA with another string BBB but there are lot of strings starting with AAA or ending in AAA ,and i want ...
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Pass shell variable as a /pattern/ to awk

Having the following in one of my shell functions: function _process () { awk -v l="$line" ' BEGIN {p=0} /'"$1"'/ {p=1} END{ if(p) print l >> "outfile.txt" } ' } , so when called as ...
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How does awk '!a[$0]++' work?

This one-liner removes duplicate lines from text input without pre-sorting. For example: $ cat >f q w e w r $ awk '!a[$0]++' <f q w e r $ The original code I have found on the internets read:...
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Difference between gawk vs. awk

Trying to understand the differences between the two functions gawk vs. awk? When would one use gawk vs awk? Or are they the same in terms of usage? Also, could one provide an example?
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Skip the first 6 lines/rows in a text file with awk

How can I skip the first 6 lines/rows in a text file (input.txt) and process the rest with awk? The format of my awk script (program.awk) is: BEGIN { } { process here } END { } My text file is ...
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How to add line numbers in every line using shell command?

My file, PSS-A (Primary A) PSS-B (Primary B) PSS-C (Primary C) PSS-D (Primary D) PSS-E (Primary E) PSS-F (Primary F) PSS-G (Primary G) PSS-H (Primary H) PSS-I (Primary I) SPARE (SPARE) ...
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How to view all the content in an awk array?

In my understanding, awk array is something like python dict. So I write down the code bellow to explore it: awk '{my_dict[$1] = $2} END { print my_dict}' zen And I got: awk: can't read value of ...
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How to print the longest line in a file?

I'm looking for the simplest method to print the longest line in a file. I did some googling and surprisingly couldn't seem to find an answer. I frequently print the length of the longest line in a ...
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Add thousands separator in a number

In python re.sub(r"(?<=.)(?=(?:...)+$)", ",", stroke ) To split a number by triplets, e.g.: echo 123456789 | python -c 'import sys;import re; print re.sub(r"(?<=.)(?=(?:...)+$)", ",", sys....
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Removing leading zeros from date output

I made an alias of the date command to display date in the following format: 2013. using this command: alias date = date +"%Y.%m.%d.%H.%M.%S" Everything works great, except I want ...
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Remove duplicate $PATH entries with awk command

I am trying to write a bash shell function that will allow me to remove duplicate copies of directories from my PATH environment variable. I was told that it is possible to achieve this with a one ...
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How to grep lines between start and end pattern? [duplicate]

I have a file which is having following content: zdk aaa b12 cdn dke kdn Input1: aaa and cdn Output 1: aaa b12 cdn Input 2: zdk and dke Output 2: zdk aaa b12 cdn dke I could use below commands ...
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How to insert the content of a file into another file before a pattern (marker)?

File1 contents: line1-file1 "1" line2-file1 "2" line3-file1 "3" line4-file1 "4" File2 contents: line1-file2 "25" line2-file2 "24" Pointer-file2 "23" line4-...
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How to run grep on a single column?

I want to grep the output of my ls -l command: -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1866 Feb 14 07:47 rahmu.file -rw-r--r-- 1 rahmu user 95653 Feb 14 07:47 foo.file -rw-r--r-- 1 rahmu user ...
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Remove last character from string captured with awk [duplicate]

I need to remove the last character from a string in this command: sudo docker stats --no-stream 39858jf8 | awk '{if (NR!=1) {print $2}}' The result is 5.20% , I need remove the % at the end, giving ...
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How to replace the content of a specific column with awk?

Given: there are 40 columns in a record. I want to replace the 35th column so that the 35th column will be replaced with the content of the 35th column and a "$" symbol. What came to mind is something ...
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How do I delete the first n lines and last line of a file using shell commands?

I have a file named Element_query containing the result of a query : SQL> select count (*) from element; [Output of the query which I want to keep in my file] SQL> spool off; I want to ...
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Common lines between two files [duplicate]

I have the following code that I run on my Terminal. LC_ALL=C && grep -F -f genename2.txt hg38.hgnc.bed > hg38.hgnc.goi.bed This doesn't give me the common lines between the two files. ...
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How to merge two files based on the matching of two columns?

I have file1 likes: 0 AFFX-SNP-000541 NA 0 AFFX-SNP-002255 NA 1 rs12103 0.6401 1 rs12103_1247494 0.696 1 rs12142199 0.7672 And a file2: 0 AFFX-SNP-000541 1 0 AFFX-...
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Remove lines based on duplicates within one column without sort

I have large 3-column files (~10,000 lines) and I would like to remove lines when the contents of the third column of that line appear in the third column of another line. The files' sizes make sort a ...
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Reverse grepping

Let's say, I have a really big text file (about 10.000.000 lines). I need to grep it from the end and save result to a file. What's the most efficient way to accomplish task?
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What are the exact differences between awk and cut with grep? [closed]

We know that we can get the second column of the line we want from a file using these two techniques: awk '/WORD/ { print $2 }' filename or grep WORD filename| cut -f 2 -d ' ' My questions are: ...
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Piping from grep to awk not working

I am trying to grep the ongoing tail of file log and get the nth word from a line. Example file: $ cat > test.txt <<EOL Beam goes blah John goes hey Beam goes what? John goes forget it Beam ...
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How to print certain columns by name?

I have the following file: id name age 1 ed 50 2 joe 70 I want to print just the id and age columns. Right now I just use awk: cat file.tsv | awk '{ print $1, $3 }' However, this ...
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How to print only last column?

echo -e 'one two three\nfour five six\nseven eight nine' one two three four five six seven eight nine how can I do some "MAGIC" do get this output?: three six nine UPDATE: I don't need it in this ...
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How can I remove all comments from a file?

I have a file which includes comments: foo bar stuff #Do not show this... morestuff evenmorestuff#Or this I want to print the file without including any of the comments: foo bar stuff morestuff ...
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Split a file into two

I have a big file and need to split into two files. Suppose in the first file the 1000 lines should be selected and put into another file and delete those lines in the first file. I tried using split ...
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Print lines of a file between two matching patterns [duplicate]

How can I print all the lines between two lines starting with one pattern for the first line and ending with another pattern for the last line? Update I guess it was a mistake to mention that this ...
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Using bash shell function inside AWK

Is it possible to use bash function inside AWK somehow? Example file (string, int, int, int) Mike 247808 247809 247810 Trying to convert values from decimal to hexadecimal. Function defined either in ...
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Find intersection of lines in two files [duplicate]

If I have two files (with single columns), one like so (file1) 34 67 89 92 102 180 blue2 3454 And the second file (file2) 23 56 67 69 102 200 How do I find elements that are common in both files (...
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How to get last part of http link in Bash?

I have an http link : and I want to save the last part file.jar to variable, so the output string is "file.jar". Condition: link can has different length ...
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How can you combine all lines that end with a backslash character?

Using a common command line tool like sed or awk, is it possible to join all lines that end with a given character, like a backslash? For example, given the file: foo bar \ bash \ baz dude \ happy ...
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How to grep-inverse-match and exclude "before" and "after" lines

Consider a text file with the following entries: aaa bbb ccc ddd eee fff ggg hhh iii Given a pattern (e.g. fff), I would like to grep the file above to get in the output: all_lines except (...
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What is the meaning of '1' at the end of an awk script

I was reading this awk script awk -F"=" '{OFS="=";gsub(",",";",$2)}1' I want to know what is the function of 1 at the end of it.
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Delete the first n bytes of files

I've got an extreme problem, and all of the solutions I can imagine are complicated. According to my UNIX/Linux experience there must be an easy way. I want to delete the first 31 bytes of each file ...
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Why does awk -F work for most letters, but not for the letter "t"?

July 2022 mac os Monterey V12.1 awk --version 20200816 GNU bash, version 3.2.57(1)-release (x86_64-apple-darwin21) Why does awk -F work for most letters, but NOT for the letter t? I have ...
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Split long output into two columns

Is there a simple utility or script to columnate the output from one of my scripts? I have data in some form: A aldkhasdfljhaf B klajsdfhalsdfh C salkjsdjkladdag D lseuiorlhisnflkc E sdjklfhnslkdfhn ...
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awk + print line only if the first field start with string as Linux1

how to print the line in case the first field start with Linux1 for example: echo Linux1_ver2 12542 kernel-update | awk '{if ($1 ~ Linux1 ) print $0;}' the target is to print the line , while ...
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Print odd-numbered lines, print even-numbered lines

I want to print the odd-numbered and even-numbered lines from files. I found this shell script which makes use of echo. #!/bin/bash # Write a shell script that, given a file name as the argument ...
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