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A video format (Audio Video Interleave)

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find/change audio format and avi version of a given avi file

I have an overhead projector that supports playing data from USB sticks. For videos it has the following limitations (quotes from the user manual): file type: AVI The audio format can only playback ...
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Command line VOB to AVI/MP4 with good quality and deinterlace

I have some VOB files, grabbed from DVDs. I need to make AVI/MP4 files for uploading online. The original resolution is 720p and I want 720p, but need to scale as the pixels are not square (720x480 to ...
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How do I convert a batch of avis into mp4s?

I have several avi files in the one directory that I would like to convert to mp4s using avconv. Now I know the basic procedure of how to do this, manually, for each avi, namely (where $@ are the ...
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How to convert a VOB file to avi?

I am trying to convert a VOB file copied from a DVD into an avi in Ubuntu 13.10. I tried dvdrip, which failed due to a frame count error or something. I tried acidrip as well, but it always choose an ...
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Can I split a avi file into 2 valid (watchable) files with only standard unix commands?

I have a very big movie file, I want to split it in 2. How can I do this?
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Convert images into avi with Raspberry Pi

I'm following this page: Creating Timelapse Videos With The Raspberry Pi Camera. But every time I try to make the video, I get this error: original: ...
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Converting *.ram to *.avi

I just came across an old file witn a ram extension. I've tried viewing it ( just to see what it is ) and am having extreme difficulties. I've tried looking for spftware online and alll I find are ...
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