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Make ZSH autocorrect `les` to `less` and not `ls`?

I'd like to change this behavior: ❯ les file.txt zsh: correct 'les' to 'ls' [nyae]? To this: ❯ les file.txt zsh: correct 'les' to 'less' [nyae]? What's the simplest way to do this? I'm looking to ...
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prevent bash to make suggestions for unknown commands (similar commands or apt packages)

On some Linux installations, there is a 'feature' in which bash automatically suggests similar commands or apt packages when you type a command which is not found on the path. I find it very annoying, ...
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3 votes
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Automatically correct simple spelling mistakes in zsh?

How do I tell zsh to correct simple spelling mistakes automatically? For example: I want lsbkl to automatically be corrected to lsblk, after hitting Enter, without showing zsh: correct 'lsbkl' to '...
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Text prediction in Linux while typing like on Android, iOS and Windows

I have noticed the utility of this feature while typing on Android devices (notably with Gboard virtual keyboard) The same is available on iOS, in iPhones and iPads. I don't mean the use of a virtual ...
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Why does Zsh correct ssh User@ip1 to User@ip2, and how to stop it?

On Mac OS X 10.9 and zsh version 5.0.2 (x86_64-apple-darwin13.0) the ssh [email protected] command traps a correct to ssh [email protected] [nyae]. I don't want to disable zsh correction on the ssh ...
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How to fix path typos?

When typing quickly, I often mistype cd ~/myfiles as cd ~?myfiles, resulting in: zsh: no matches found: ~?myfiles Is there a way ZSH can autocorrect such mistakes?
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Disable command name autocorrection

I would like to disable a feature. However Zsh is ignoring the settings I am inputting: > bind zsh: correct 'bind' to 'find' [nyae]? n zsh: command not found: bind > setopt nocorrectall > ...
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3 votes
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Don't try to correct a command that, now, exists

I like zsh's autocorrect for commands. It has an annoying feature, however: sometimes I try to run a command, notice it doesn't exist, install it, then try to run it again, and zsh still wants to make ...
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Stop ZSH from trying to correct ssh to .ssh as an argument

This isn't exactly a duplicate, as I want correct_all still active. I do mess up arguments from time to time and ZSH is happy to help me. The rub happens when I am in my home directory and I want to ...
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Did you mean this command instead? (how to reply to this)

Suppose I entered the following thing into terminal: wgets "link" I will get the response: No command 'wgets' found, did you mean: Command 'wget' from package 'wget' (main) I made a mistake, ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How to teach zsh when not do autocorrect?

I love the autocorrection feature of ZSH, but sometimes it gets in the way: If I have a cli directory, it will be suggested when I try to run npm run ci. When running the Docker command docker run -...
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mispelled command in UNIX?

I don't remember a UNIX command that allowed you to remember how to write correctly a command. Let's supose that the command that I say is called MISPELL So running MISPELL will produce the ...
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zsh Command Auto correction

I've seen and read about zsh offering auto correction of a command input. Eg- if I type sl, it should ask me something like "did you mean ls?" But, in my zsh, this does not happen. It just gives an ...
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highlighting of zsh correction

When zsh's autocorrection suggests a change in long filename, it may be hard to spot which change is actually suggested: The example is of cause artificial as tab completion would've done the job (...
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Is it standard behaviour for cd to automatically choose when given an incomplete directory name?

I have three folders called ProjectA, ProjectB and ProjectC. When I tab-complete cd to cd Project and press Enter, it chooses ProjectC. I've found this is also the case with other similar cases; it ...
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2 answers

How to make the zsh "correct" functionality remember my spell-correction decisions

I have enabled correction (I wouldn't call it autocorrection specifically because of this issue) in zsh by enabling setopt correct in my .zshrc. Now, when I type dtae in a terminal, I get: dtae ...
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2 answers

Display possible corrections but do not apply them automatically

I have the following completion: zstyle ':completion:*' completer _complete _approximate As a result if I type something incorrectly and hit TAB I will see a list with corrected propositions (what ...
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can you make zsh autocorrect smarter?

I like zsh autocorrect, but it keeps asking me about things that don't need correcting. dzil build zsh: correct 'build' to '.build' [nyae]? % .build is a directory created by the build (or any ...
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Is there a (preferably non-kludgey) way to avoid spelling corrections when using zsh's `mv` command

Although I love zsh, and find its spelling correction useful, it is annoying that it corrects things that obviously should not be corrected. For instance, I just executed mv iso_ iso and it replied ...
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How to disable autocorrection for sudo [command] in zsh?

I have zsh and oh-my-zsh with default values and can't figure out how to turn off autocorrection for specific commands, that I often use, such as: sudo mc or sudo gem update. The thing is that I have ....
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