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authbind software allows a program that would normally require superuser privileges to access privileged network services to run as a non-privileged user.

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Starting Apache Httpd at Boot time with Zero intervention, CentOS and authbind

I want to start Apache Httpd when Linux starts (with Zero intervention like submitting the root password, I don't want write the root password to start the apache service!!!) Later of Apache was ...
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AUTHBIND: Unable to authbind with tomcat 6 on redhat host

I have a redhat linux server with tomcat 6.0.39 installed. Before I deploy any web application and open my server to the public I would like to learn how to run tomcat startup script with my tomcat ...
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Principle of least privilege: Does Authbind helper really need setuid root, or can it run with cap_net_bind_services?

Does Authbind's helper really need setuid root, or can it run with the CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICES capability and still work?
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Allowing a regular user to listen to a port below 1024

I need to allow a non-root user to run a server listening on port tcp/80. Is there any way to do this?
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