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The applications database is a collection of .desktop files that describe abstract units of "applications". It does things like map binary names to pretty names and icons. The applications database is a FreeDesktop standard.

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How to fix "Could not show link Operation not supported"?

Here is what I see: Here is when it happens: after clicking a link, in some, but not all, programs, on GNU/Linux, the only computer I own. You cannot blame me for not knowing more. In fact, I cannot ...
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Edit list of Favorite apps in Applications menu in Gnome Classic Centos7?

I'm running a CentOS 7 + GNOME Classic (Gnome 3 for some unknown reason, crashes) and I'm trying to customize the "Favorites" sub-menu, under the main "Applications" menu. ...
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Is there a way to automatically upgrade DBeaver?

I am trying to update DBeaver Community Edition 7.0.3 to (currently) newest 7.1.0 edition on Fedora 30. When I start DBeaver a "Version Update" window pops up with buttons as options to Upgrade and ...
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How do I get applications to show up in menu://applications of PCManFM?

On Arch Linux PCManFM shows applications when I go to menu://applications in it, without a problem. I do not think I even had to configure it to do this. On Gentoo and Void, however, this does not ...
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List all desktop files that appears in application menu

Context I'm using GNOME 3.22 and I want to organize all desktop files in groups. To do so, I must list all desktop files that appears in the application menu and use some command from this guide to ...
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Newly installed applications not appearing in various LXDE dialogs

I've installed some applications via apt. Here they are in the LXDE menu (note the two IDEs and also the "Graphics" menu are present): If I right-click on the Application Launch Bar and select "...
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After upgrade MongoDB it does not start and log is empty

Can you help me with this problem please? I have updated (apt-get upgrade) my system Debian GNU/Linux 7.6 (wheezy) but for problem with disk space operation failed. After I have released disk space, ...
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