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An AppImage is an executable file that implements a multi-distribution compatible Linux application.

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Why 'helix-23.03-aarch64.AppImage' [in debian on x86_64 in Macbook Pro] is giving 'Exec format error'?

It is on debian on x86_64 me@debian:~/bin$ chmod a+x helix-23.03-aarch64.AppImage me@debian:~/bin$ ./helix-23.03-aarch64.AppImage /tmp/.mount_helix-RyzFyw/AppRun: 4: exec: /tmp/.mount_helix-RyzFyw/usr/...
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Can an AppImage run from NTFS drive or NFS network share?

I'm on Ubuntu 20.04, and I just saw something that I was never aware of so far. I wanted to get and; however, I do not have space on my primary ext4 formatted disk ...
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Running AppImage on WSL: How to resolve error requiring FUSE?

I downloaded WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) and tried to run an AppImage, but received an error message that said AppImage needs FUSE to run When I tried the --appimage-extract and --appimage-...
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are appimages a way to package AND distribute software or just a way to package?

I heard a while back that appimages are only a way to package software, not distribute it; however, if I go to the wikipedia definition: AppImage is a format for distributing portable software on ...
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Ubuntu / i3wm: rename AppImage in dmenu entry

I downloaded an AppImage (LogSeq to be precise) and wanted to add it to the dmenu. With the help of a friend i did the following: move AppImage to a appropriate directory (not required, but appears ...
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Is it possible to serialize a running program's memory image to disk, instead of closing it?

I recognize this is a stretch, but I have a shadow of a memory of a way to do it, and I'm hoping someone here will recognize what I'm talking about and help jog it. Traditional programs, both by ...
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How do AppImage tools decide what .so files to include? Why produced different .so-files-including list from different distros?

Compiled a Qt project and created .AppImage for it, on two different Linux distros ( Qt was installed via different ways). The two output .AppImage contain different .so files. Both .AppImage run. I ...
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Unable to open appimage in PopOs 22

I am using PopOs 22. I am not able to download Etcher using the appimage file available on their official website. I was easily able to open it in the previous distributions just by double-clicking ...
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How to pass in arguments in .desktop file [duplicate]

I'm trying to run an .appimage in Pop OS 22.04 that requires the command --disable-gpu-sandbox. It works fine when launching from terminal, but when I create a .desktop file with the below: Encoding=...
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Which AppImage should I install (.AppImage vs modern.AppImage)?

I'm installing the Ultimaker Cura 3D printer slicer program from here ( onto Linux Ubuntu 20.04. What is the difference between Ultimaker-Cura-5.1....
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AppImage - Where is state saved between instances?

If you're running an AppImage application, and you make settings changes to it (or anything else that would change the state of the application), are those changes saved within the AppImage file ...
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How to package appimage properly?

I am trying to package my application in appimage format. I'm using appimage-builder to do so, and using Ubuntu 18.04, as appimage-builder documentation recommends. But I am unable to do so. I cloned ...
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Difference between an AppImage and an archive file

Many applications (IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, Android Studio, etc) are available as a tar.gz or tar.xz files. They do not need to be installed. You just need to extract the archive file and run the ...
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How to completely remove files left by appimage and appimage launcher? Uninstalling / Removing did not work. Residue left

I removed the AppImage launcher using apt uninstall appimagelauncher and deleted the appimage files from ~/Applications as well but it didn't remove the two apps I had imstalled using appimage i.e. ...
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How to run AppImage on the command line

I'm sometimes working on the command line (or in the Ranger file manager), and it's annoying to have to move to a graphical interface to double-click on a AppImage. It looks like Ranger tries xdg-open;...
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What's the most hassle-free way to publish an application cross-distro? [closed]

I have an Electron program I want to distribute on all three major OSs. Publishing on Windows and macOS is easy enough; One installation file and we're done, plus the users of these OSs are used to ...
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AppImage error: library not found after build

(Linux Mint 20) I'm trying to build an AppImage of LibreOffice Base as a test to see if I can build the individual components of the suite. Here is my libreoffice-base.yml: app: LibreOffice_Base ...
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Launch AppImages with keyboard shortcuts

I have the password manager KeePassXC as an AppImage on my system. I run it thousands times a day and I want to add a key-bind/shortcut to launch it, not just have the icon on the menu with a regular ....
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Appimage vs. Flatpak vs Snap apps number [closed]

I was wondering which one of those package managers contain the biggest selection of apps. Honestly speaking this fragmentation is confusing and frustrating. Instead of uniting behind one package ...
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