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Help to figure out xinput transform matrix for a tablet?

I have a small wacom pad and a large monitor. And i wanted to reduce the area of the screen where the tablet surface is mapped. Sadly graphical utility does not allow this. Currently the configuration ...
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Use Nvidia GPU with Unity3D for game development

I am using Unity3D on Arch Linux: for game development. I have a Nvidia GTX 1650. All my nvidia packages are up to date (tensorflow-gpu for example works fine)....
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Can a Windows hypervisor running inside Linux access Windows-only drivers?

Suppose you have a Linux as host OS. Within a container you run a Windows hypervisor. Will that Windows hypervisor have access to Windows-only 3D accelerated drivers that Linux doesn't support?
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Xephyr: Low FPS inside 3D accelerated games

I'm trying to use Xephyr to create a gaming multiseat setup. Inside the existing desktop environment, I'm running sudo Xephyr -softCursor -dpi 96 -screen 1440x900 -keybd evdev,,device=/dev/input/by-id/...
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VirtualBox Guest Video Acceleration on Kali vs Mint

I'm using Virtualbox 5.0.28 on Linux Mint as a host. I have two guest systems I'm comparing: Kali Linux w. Kernel 4.6.4 Linux Mint 17.3 w. Kernel 3.19.0-32 On both guests: Guest additions are ...
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Which Desktop environments do not require 3D acceleration?

I have two situations in which I need to run desktops without any 3D acceleration. 1) I often run Ubuntu and CentOS VMs on a machine who graphic card does not play nicely with VirtualBox's 3D ...
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Why Mouse Activates 3D Image in non-evaluated NB of Debian Mathematica?

Condition: controlling 3D Image output of test code by mouse cause all CPUs to 100%; differential solutions do not help; no clicking of mouse on image Motivation: to understand why mouse activates 3D ...
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3D Window Managers/Desktop Environments for Linux?

I'm compiling a list of known 3D window managers for Linux. Does anyone know of any others besides the following? Ibex Maze Compositor Januz VR Motorcar Ideally they would be demoable/usable in VR, ...
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Enabling 3D acceleration in Debian stable

I installed Debian Wheezy on my daughter's desktop computer. It has Intel i5-4570 (Haswell) CPU and integrated Intel HD 4600 graphics chipset. No discrete graphics card. I'm unable to enable 3D ...
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3D drawing program to pose human figures (like Windows Poser)

Are there any good Linux-alternatives to the Windows-program Poser - a program that allows you to manipulate human-figures (dressed in skins) in a humanly way (ie. with the restriction a human body ...
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