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Why does curl -n fail in one script but not others?

Why does curl -n fail in one script but not others? curl 7.67.0 running on MacOS High Sierra The following code in one script: host="" /opt/local/bin/curl -n -T $file $...
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1 answer

CURL request using .netrc file

I am trying to write a script which is saving the credentials to a .netrc file and then it is reading from the file in order to pass them to a curl command and saves the returned cookie file for ...
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3 votes
4 answers

Can lftp read netrc for sftp-connections

I am trying to create a script to upload some files to a server via SFTP. I can do that manually by opening an interactive lftp-session and providing username and password there. For the script, I ...
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Specify anonymous ftp password in ftp command

I would like a simple (ideally one-liner, without separate script file) command to connect to an ftp server via anonymous login using my email address as the password. My attempt is based on the ...
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Character encoding of .netrc

Does anyone know which character encoding is used in .netrc? As a German user, I sometimes put umlauts in passwords. So my question is, are these treated as latin1 or may I assume that I am doing ...
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22 votes
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Invalid cross-device link while Hardlinking in the same file system

I have /home/myuser/Desktop/rc/.netrc file that i want hardlink to /root, ie home directory of root user. When i do: ln /home/user/Destkop/rc/.netrc /root it gives the following error: ln: ...
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8 votes
2 answers

ncftp not looking into .netrc

I have this sort of stanza in my .netrc: machine login mylogin password mypassword and while I can successfully connect with ftp: ftp and passing ...
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