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When was file created [duplicate]

How can i see when a file was created. I have looked at man page ls -lc is for last modification of file status ls -lu for access time ls -l not exactly indicated which time, last changed? I ...
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Linux file create time [duplicate]

I am searching a command that gives me the file create time in a folder.
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Showing the Creation date of a File [duplicate]

I guess there's no way to get that under most Linux flavors, please correct me if I'm wrong. My hack is to go up a directory level and get the info and the directory containing the file I'm ...
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How do I do a ls and then sort the results by date created?

In what order are the dated ordered by? Certainly not alphanumeric order. ls -lt sorts by modification time. But I need creation time.
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Changing a file's "Date Created" and "Last Modified" attributes to another file's

I'm using merge cap to create a merge pcap file from 15 files. For the merged file, I have changed the name to that of the first of the 15 files. But I would also like to change the merged file's ...
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get age of given file

How can I get the age of a given file in, at least, days? I'm well aware of ls -lh and similar commands. I want something that will work sort of like this: getfage <FILE> # prints out '12d' (...
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What file systems on Linux store the creation time?

Are there any (good known, reliable) file systems on Linux that store the creation time of files and directories in the i-node table? If there are, is the "changed" time replaced by the creation ...
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How do I get the creation date of a file on an NTFS logical volume?

I created an NTFS logical volume on my Linux system for Windows file storage because I want to retain the creation date of my files (I would probably zip them into an archive and then unzip them, ...
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How to find files that were most recently created on file system?

I am trying to track the completion of a silent installer by detecting the presence of the last file created by it, but in order to do that I need to find out which file that is. Is there any way to ...
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Is ctime of find the creation time? [duplicate]

In the man of find the -ctime is said to be : -ctime n File status was last changed n*24 hours ago. See the comments for -atime to understand how rounding affects the ...
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Does "freshening" a zip file with the -FS option change the modification time of the file?

I have a zip file that I use as a backup for my work. I use the "freshen" option (-FS) whenever I want to update my backup file. However, the file shows the date of last modification as being the ...
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birth/crtime timestamp is recorded on one xfs but not the other xfs filesystem

Two different xfs filesystems on two different Fedora. Why one of them records Birth(crtime) in the inode and why the other one doesn't? How to find the configuration/attribute differences between ...
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Portable way of finding files whose birth date is after a given timestamp

According to How to find creation date of file?, in Linux filesystems, such as ext4, Btrfs and JFS, that store the file creation time (aka birth time), it is possible to display the file birth time (...
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How to get new created (not change or modified), & removed files in last 24 hours

I want to write one script where I need the below function : List all the files which are created in last 24 hours. If I give the find command with ctime option then it list all files which are ...
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How to create a bash script that sees all files in a directory and tells me their size and date of creation?

I'm trying to write a bash script that will see all files in a directory, and then tell me each file's size and each of their dates of creation.
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Renaming files by the day they created

I have files I would like to rename it using the date they created. How can I do this automatically? Looking at the properties for every file then renaming it is a real pain. For example In a folder ...
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Why does the history command show few commands and the .bash_history file is short even if HISTFILESIZE and HISTSIZE are ridiculously high?

I've read these two questions and the accepted answers on StackOverflow: Unlimited Bash History bash HISTSIZE vs. HISTFILESIZE? However, I still don't understand why in any bash session I can see ...
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