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Why doesn't unix filesystem store creation time of a file? [duplicate]

Is there any historic reason? Stat stores last accessed time, last modified time and last changed time , but not the creation time! Isn't that important information. I can't understand why the ...
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Get file created/creation time? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I do a ls and then sort the results by date created? Is there a command in Linux which displays when the file was created ? I see that ls -l gives the last modified ...
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How do I do a ls and then sort the results by date created?

In what order are the dated ordered by? Certainly not alphanumeric order. ls -lt sorts by modification time. But I need creation time.
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How to find creation date of file?

I want to find out the creation date of particular file, not modification date or access date. I have tried with ls -ltrh and stat filename.
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Birth is empty on ext4

I was just reading up on the Birth section of stat and it appears ext4 should support it, but even a file I just created leaves it empty. ~ % touch test ...
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Shell script for moving oldest files?

How do I write a script for moving just the 20 oldest files from one folder to another? Is there a way to grab the oldest files in a folder?
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How to check XFS filesystem version?

How to check the version of a XFS filesystem on a system, whether it is V5 or later?
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Is ctime of find the creation time? [duplicate]

In the man of find the -ctime is said to be : -ctime n File status was last changed n*24 hours ago. See the comments for -atime to understand how rounding affects the ...
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Bash: "too many arguments" in IF-THEN statement

I am attempting to check if a specific file exists (but only if less than 24 hours old), and if so, perform a second check to see if a file with a name ending in ".control" exists. If both ...
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Awk not rendering any result

My goal is to get the file created in the current month in a directory. It seems that the command is correct but not rendering any result: Date=`date '+%b'` echo $Date Oct ls -l | awk -v d="$Date" ...
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birth/crtime timestamp is recorded on one xfs but not the other xfs filesystem

Two different xfs filesystems on two different Fedora. Why one of them records Birth(crtime) in the inode and why the other one doesn't? How to find the configuration/attribute differences between ...
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Portable way of finding files whose birth date is after a given timestamp

According to How to find creation date of file?, in Linux filesystems, such as ext4, Btrfs and JFS, that store the file creation time (aka birth time), it is possible to display the file birth time (...
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How to get new created (not change or modified), & removed files in last 24 hours

I want to write one script where I need the below function : List all the files which are created in last 24 hours. If I give the find command with ctime option then it list all files which are ...
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How to prevent `atime` in Linux from overwriting `Date created` in Windows on NTFS?

From Linux, if I alter files on an NTFS external HD so that I get some specific values for mtime, atime and ctime (readable with the stat command, and with ctime = mtime because one cannot change ...
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Why is time of birth of file unknown? [duplicate]

Command stat -c%w /home/knezi/file returns just dash. It means, according to the documentation, that the date of birth in unknown. I've tried plenty of files but all with the same result. The ...
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