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Why does ps aux | grep <something> return extra hit [duplicate]

Let's say I want to know the PID of kate editor that is currently running (kate is just an example, it works as described for many programs). So, I execute ps aux | grep kate. Here is the output: ...
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How can I stop grep returning itself [duplicate]

# ps -ef | grep gre root 15067 63614 0 11:03 pts/0 00:00:00 grep --color=auto gre Another example # ps -ef | grep sshd root 1186 1 0 Jul26 ? 00:00:00 /usr/sbin/sshd -D root ...
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grep for specific process in ps but not the grep command itself [duplicate]

If I want to check if something is running, I do ps aux | grep flamethrower, expecting just to show the processes containing flamethrower in the name. This will always find at least one process, as ...
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How to do this with while loop [duplicate]

Problem is: grep the output of ps aux for any instance of firefox, if firefox is already running, open link in new tab, if firefox is not running, start firefox and open the link. Point to be noted ...
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Ignore a command as process itself while using grep on processes [duplicate]

I am writing a bash script to check if certain application is running or not. If its dead i will simply restart it. My initial though was, check if there is one pid for that process(which in this ...
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ps aux | grep config vs ps aux | grep "confi[g]" [duplicate]

I would like to know why ps aux | grep includes the grep command in the output but ps aux | grep "confi[g]" does not. $ ps aux | grep config root 50 0.0 0.0 2548368 5760 ?? Ss ...
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number of executions of script [duplicate]

I am trying to find number of runs of a script but its always 2 even though only one running. sh 1 already running,exiting.. here is code. ps -ef | grep -v grep | grep -c "$0" if [[ `...
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Redirect output with multiple commands [duplicate]

I'd like to redirect output from this command: ps -eo pid,comm,cmd,start,etime | grep -i qtcreator > file.txt When I try it, I've also output command grep -i example 2018 qtcreator ...
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How to create a sh script that can give as output the exact string I want using the awk command [duplicate]

I would like to have some help writing a script (which should work on FreeBSD where I have sh as default) that should grab a precise string when I do a ps ax | grep bhyve command from the terminal. ...
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ps | grep returns two PIDs [duplicate]

I am trying to write an init.d script, I am trying to kill a named node process: kill $(ps aux | grep 'eproxy' | awk '{print $2}') The problem is, when running just the ps command on it's own, I am ...
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How to returns the correct character after manipulating the output of ps ax | grep [duplicate]

I would like to have some help writing a script (which should works on freebsd where I have sh as default) that should grab a precise character when I do a "ps ax | grep" command from the ...
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How to suspend and bring a background process to foreground

I have a process originally running in the foreground. I suspended by Ctrl+Z, and then resume its running in the background by bg <jobid>. I wonder how to suspend a process running in the ...
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How to grep a specific line _and_ the first line of a file?

Assuming a simple grep such as: $ psa aux | grep someApp 1000 11634 51.2 0.1 32824 9112 pts/1 SN+ 13:24 7:49 someApp This provides much information, but as the first line of the ps ...
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Unix command to tell how much RAM was used during program runtime? [duplicate]

Let's say I'm running a script (e.g. in Python). In order to find out how long the program took, one would run time python Is there a command which keeps track of how much RAM was used as ...
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grep - why do brackets in grep pattern remove the grep process from ps results?

Why do brackets in a grep pattern remove the grep process from ps results? $ ps -ef | grep XXXX [...] XXXX [...] grep XXXX $ ps -ef | grep [X]XXX [...] XXXX
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