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Man page quotation characters [duplicate]

I've just been looking through a few man pages for a few different commands including grep and ifconfig. I've noticed over a few pages, the content uses a strange syntax to notate what i think are ...
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Is it normal to use the grave (`) symbol, followed by an apostraphe (') to quote? [duplicate]

For example, 'foo bar' would be quoted as `foo bar', or ``foo bar''. Is it encouraged or general practice to use this quoting syntax? It seems to be quite common in some documentation.
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Manual pages uses the quotation : `<character/string>' (quoting string inside grave accent and apostrophe) [duplicate]

I've found that many manpages uses the quotation :  `c/s' i.e quoting character or sting inside grave accent(`) & apostophe('). Example visit manpage of bash, find etc. and you'll find the ...
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Why some strings are quoted with double backticks and double single quotes in man pages? [duplicate]

For example, in the yes man page: yes outputs expletive, or, by default, ``y'' Why is "y" quoted this way?
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Where does backtick and single quote come from when denoting commands e.g. `prog'? [duplicate]

When referring to commands in tutorials, man pages, and articles I see authors use the backtick and single quote in this way: `./configure' `make' I believe I have seen gcc denote points of failure ...
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Why Linux uses `blah' to quote strings by convention? [duplicate]

While I was reading the document of some Linux utilities, I found that they always quote strings using ` and '. For example, below is an excerpt from the man page of the find utility. -exec ...
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batch convert mp3 files to wav using sox

for a single .mp3, I can convert it to wav using sox ./input/filename.mp3 ./output/filename.wav I tried: #!/bin/bash for i in $(ls *mp3) do sox -t wav $i waves/$(basename $i) done But it ...
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Quoting commands

As I've learned to use Linux over the years, I've repeatedly come across the idiom of quoting commands with a leading backtick (`) and a following single quote ('), like so: `rm -rf /tmp/foo/bar' (I ...
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Why bash encapsulates syntax error both with grave accent and with an apostrophe?

When bash is reporting a syntax error, it encapsulates the text which has raised the syntax error both with grave accent and with an apostrophe, like this: `...'. Any idea why? Here's an example: $ ...
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How can 'man' render double quotes not as doubled backtick and prime characters?

When I do a command such as: man bash I see quotes shown as: ``...'' There have been posts about why this happens: Man page quotation characters Why some strings are quoted with double backticks ...
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Why do shells use a backtick for an opening quote in much of their output?

$ type -a short_command short_command is aliased to `some_long_and_obnoxious_command_that_I_never_want_to_type' Why does Bash (and perhaps every other shell) frequently—as above—use a ...
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