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/var/log/messages contains series of ^@ char [duplicate]

I am running kernel 4.1.15, sometimes in /var/log/messages i am getting series of ^@ characters. Normally the content is ok in /var/log/messages it is just for once for few seconds i got these junk ...
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Log files corrupted with NUL characters and text from other processes [duplicate]

I am running Wind River Linux 4.3 on an embedded Freescale single board computer (SBC). Output from uname -a: Linux ge101 #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Aug 26 01:35:35 PDT ...
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question about logs [duplicate]

So just a little bit of background, i have a linux machine that generally has been stable, but recently its been rebooting by itself, or just freezing up (and maybe then rebooting), and when i go and ...
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cat shows nothing

My team is working on a CI environment. A ko file, named x.ko, is always generated from the CI environment at a regular time everyday and its type is ELF 64-bit LSB relocatable. Today, I found that ...
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What does ^@^@^@ mean in a text file?

Sometimes I have problems with opening a file using a graphical text editor -- I'm using geany. The file can be read by vim without a problem. I checked the file, and there wasn't anything wrong with ...
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How to figure out why Linux crashes

Every so often, my laptop will crash. The screen will freeze, including the cursor, the lock lights (caps lock and the like) will turn off if they were on, though my battery, power, and wifi lights ...
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NUL entry in syslog? [closed]

My servers went down on the 30th. It just came back online today. At first I thought it was the router because the router the server is connected to is a bit squirrely but when I checked syslog I have ...
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Linux freeze on shutdown problem

I'm trying to throubleshoot an annoying shutdown problem with my Sun Ultra 24 Workstation running under Devuan ASCII. groucho@devuan:~$ inxi -b System: Host: devuan Kernel: 4.9.0-8-amd64 x86_64 (...
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Ubuntu is freezing - why and what does this symbol mean ^@?

Jul 3 15:58:01 nusik-ryzen CRON[8641]: (root) CMD (pgrep xmr-stak> /dev/null || cd /xmr-stak && ./xmr-stak) Jul 3 15:58:01 nusik-ryzen CRON[8642]: (root) CMD (pgrep xmrig> /dev/null || /...
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Characters like @ at shutdown

On the linux distros I use, debian and fedora, and on the laptops I have, when I shutdown, I see @ or sometimes other characters, on the console (next to normal sector clean /dev/xxx message) and I ...
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what's the meaning of ^@ in syslog

One physical machine had shutdown unexpected, there is no any error log about that, only get a large ^@ in one line of /var/log/syslog file such as: Dec 9 21:50:02 hostname CRON[74324]: (root) MAIL (...
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Server randomly shuts down and contains unusual characters in the kern.log and syslog - "^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^"

I am getting random server shutdowns and logs containing unusual values with ^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@. This might be related to kernel panic but I don't know or just can't debug it. Currently, I don't know ...
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Weird characters (^@ and ū) at shutdown

Asking a question that's been bugging me on/off for a while. I have noted the above symbols (^@ and ū, sometimes only one of the two, sometimes both like in the screenshot above) at shutdown when ...
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