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Why are true and false so large?

After finding out that several common commands (such as read) are actually Bash builtins (and when running them at the prompt I'm actually running a two-line shell script which just forwards to the ...
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convert executable back to C source code

Unfortunately I lost my source code and I just have the output file that made with gcc in linux and I don’t have any access to my pc there any way to convert output file to source file (in c ...
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Tools for showing which files are accessed by a program?

I'm not going for complicated tools like AppArmor complain mode, I need easy tools to tell me which files are accessed by a specific program.
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Why doesn't `strace` show this process is waiting for something?

The mighty strace has let me down. How is this possible? time foo shows that foo takes several seconds to run ("real"), but uses negligible cpu time, both in userspace ("user") and in the kernel ("...
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How to see which file a user is editing in vi

If I do a w, I can see that a user is editing a certain file in vi. However there are several files with the same name in different directories. How do I see which of these files is the one that the ...
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How does the ELF loader determine the initial stack size?

I'm studying the ELF specification (, and one point that is not clear to me about the program loading process is how the stack is initialized, ...
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How do I hide TracerPID from a process?

I'm conjecturing SQL Server on Linux is checking /proc/self/status for TracerPID and then dying if it's not 0. I want to test that. Playing around, here is the strace, ... lots of stuff openat(...
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Using strace for a C file

I have a C file that I want to trace what is going on. I'm trying to use: strace -o trace.txt random.c But it says that: strace: Can't stat 'random.c': No such file or directory I've been looking ...
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strange Linux binary

I have an executable file that is not lending itself for disassembling or decompiling well as usual/expected. file and ldd are giving an output different than the usual: $ file exe_file exe_file: ...
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Is it possible to monitor each cell memory for a specific process

Saying that I have a very simple C program test.c, which just prints "hello world", its name is a.out coming from gcc test.c. I'm thinking if it's possible to monitor exactly what happened while ...
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