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Aliases vs functions vs scripts [duplicate]

This site says, "Shell functions are faster [than aliases]. Aliases are looked up after functions and thus resolving is slower. While aliases are easier to understand, shell functions are preferred ...
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How to create an alias for a sequence of commands? [duplicate]

I know it for one command but how to work with a sequence?
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alias for killing all processes of a grep hit [duplicate]

I am trying to make a superkill alias that kills all process that hit a grep match. I'd like to do: superkill ruby And have it kill all processes that match 'ruby' In my .bashrc, I've added this ...
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Using xfreerdp with variable IP/hostname [duplicate]

I got a very simple alias on my bash: alias xfreerdpp='xfreerdp /v:ip_address /u:username /d:domain /p:password /size:1024x768 /clipboard /cert-ignore &' All I want to do is to make the ...
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cd in bash script without alias, function, source [duplicate]

I've written a bash script which should cd me to a directory. My problem is that only the directory in the subshell changes. I've read of many similar problems to this, but I want to know if there ...
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Alias in .bashrc doesn't seem to accept an argument [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: In Bash, when to alias, when to script, and when to write a function? I'm trying to setup an alias in my .bashrc file, but it's not working as expected. I have this alias ...
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create unix alias for "ssh username@", and I would like to use it for any ipaddress. [duplicate]

create unix alias for "ssh username@", and I would like to use it for any ip address. for example, alias go="username@" usecase: $go ; implement => ssh [email protected] Currently if i do ...
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alias the find function and use it with sudo [duplicate]

I'm having trouble creating an alias so I can run find in "silent mode" (without all the Permission denied messages). my bash skills are pretty bad so I'm not sure how to fix this here's my alias in ~...
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What am I doing wrong with my own alias in ~/.bash_aliases? [duplicate]

~/.bashrc My ~/.bashrc contains the following (by default): if [ -f ~/.bash_aliases ]; then . ~/.bash_aliases fi ~/.bash_aliases My ~/.bash_aliases contains the following (my definition): ...
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how to make a bash alias to a script in folder [duplicate]

i have a pyton script that execute with python when you are in the same folder. I want to know if it's possible to make a bash alias like alias script='command' to execute the script also ...
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A substitue for Bash aliases (something that behaves basically like an alias but isn't an alias) [duplicate]

I need a A substitue for Bash aliases (something that behaves basically like an alias but isn't an alias). The reason I need such a substitute is because scripts cannot utilize aliases. That is to ...
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Add something at the end of every typed command [duplicate]

Is there a possibility to add some text at the end of every command i type in the terminal? For example i type "ps" and after pressing enter, it becomes "ps -a", I type "ls" and it's "ls -a"
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Aliasing a command with special parameters [duplicate]

I would like to have an alias for the following code:- g++ *.cc -o * `pkg-config gtkmm-3.0 --cflags --libs`; but I want that when I enter the alias it should be followed by the file name *.cc and ...
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shortcut for commands [duplicate]

I use following commands very often, and they're too long. sudo /etc/init.d/kerio-kvc start sudo /etc/init.d/kerio-kvc stop how can I create a shortcut command for them? something like sudo kerio ...
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Why does alias to move into usr/local/bin fails [duplicate]

I am trying to have an alias to move binaries into a folder on my path. Currently I have: alias addapp='sudo mv $1 /usr/local/bin'
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