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Setting path environment variable for desktop launchers [duplicate]

I set a custom $PATH in ~/.bashrc with PATH=$HOME/.bin:$PATH. When I launch the geany from the terminal it is able to find my custom build tools that are located in $HOME/.bin. When I launch Geany ...
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Terminal sometimes fails to find executables on local directory [duplicate]

I can open my terminal emulator via a keyboard shortcut or through the apps finder that executes the exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator command. My terminal starts and I can cd to any directory and ...
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What is the scope of environment variables defined in ~/.bashrc? [duplicate]

Considering that environment variables defined in a shell are available to the child processes of the shell. When we open a terminal, it reads .bashrc and executes its commands. That means the .bashrc ...
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Running a bash script on double click does not have all environment variables [duplicate]

I am running Debian. I have a jar file that I need to execute. A wrapper bash script does a java -jar MyProg.jar. The jar also calls some C code for which LD_LIBRARY_PATH needs to be set. I have set ...
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How and where should I add a PATH? [duplicate]

I need to add a new directory to my PATH so that SublimeText can find it. I assume this should be added to either .bash_profile, .bashrc, or .profile. Which one should I add it to? .bash_profile ...
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Fedora 7 server export in .bashrc not getting set [duplicate]

I'm trying to set the JAVA_HOME environment variable in my .bashrc but every time I log back in it gets unset again to its original value, below is my .bashrc file # .bashrc # User specific aliases ...
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What goes in ~/.bash_profile and what goes in ~/.bashrc? [duplicate]

If bash is my shell, what should I put in ~/.bash_profile and what should I put in ~/.bashrc? My understanding is that ~/.bash_profile is read on login, and ~/.bashrc is read for each new interactive ...
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In which file should one put the PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH variables? [duplicate]

After having installed cuda drivers on Ubuntu 16.04, the program told me to make sure to have /usr/local/cuda-8.0 in the PATH variable and /usr/local/cuda-8.0/lib64 in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable. I ...
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How can I install the `ll` command on Mac OS X?

I'm using Mac OS X. When I SSH into servers I find the ll command useful, but it's not available on my local machine. How can I install it?
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What is the difference between ~/.profile and ~/.bash_profile?

What is the difference between ~/.profile and ~/.bash_profile?
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How do I change the default text editor in the Debian (squeeze) distro

"Joe's own editor" does not come naturally to me. How do I change to using nano or vim? I've tried export EDITOR=nano but it doesn't seem to be respected. I'd like visudo to respect this as well.
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Using export in .bashrc

I have noticed in my .bashrc that some lines have export in front of them, such as export HISTTIMEFORMAT="%b-%d %H:%M " ... export MYSQL_HISTFILE="/root/.mysql_history" whereas others don't, such ...
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Why doesn't my ~/.bash_profile work?

I'm using Linux Mint. My login shell (cat /etc/passwd | grep myUserName) is bash. After I start my graphical desktop environment and run a terminal emulator from it, I can see that .bash_profile is ...
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How to add a function to .bash_profile/.profile/bashrc in shell?

I have a function which converts epoch time to date. Here is the definition date1(){ date -d @$1 } I'd like to be able to write: $ date1 xxxyyy Where xxxyyy is the parameter I pass into my ...
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Where is cron's PATH set?

Cron doesn't use the path of the user whose crontab it is and, instead, has its own. It can easily be changed by adding PATH=/foo/bar at the beginning of the crontab, and the classic workaround is to ...
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