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"A stop job is running..." on shutdown [duplicate]

Almost every time when I'm shutting down or rebooting the system I get the following message before the system actually shuts down: A stop job is running for Session 1 of user xy It waits for 1:...
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Any way to disable "A stop job is running" in Debian 10 [duplicate]

edit2: This question keep getting closed with links which point to completely irrelevant posts so giving up on it. edit: I'm asking how to disable/kill the Stop Job, not change the time to SIGKILL (...
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How do I display log messages from previous boots under CentOS 7?

Executing journalctl under a CentOS 7 system just prints messages generated after the last boot. The command # journalctl --boot=-1 prints Failed to look up boot -1: Cannot assign requested ...
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What exactly is "a stop job", as in "A stop job is running..."?

After a shutdown command is issued, sometimes one gets a status message like this: A stop job is running for Session 1 of user xy and then the system hangs for awhile, or forever depending on ??? ...
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Interactively terminate "A stop job is running" at shutdown

Usually when I shut down my machine (with the shutdown command) it works pretty quickly, but every once in a while, usually after a borked update or when I break some service's config file I end up ...
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How to deal with "A stop job is running" in Debian 9 for 90s, once every 2 or 3 shutdowns?

When I'm turning my Debian Stretch (9) off, chances are that I see something like: So a have a few questions: 1) It seems like a bug that's not been solved yet (it's been around for a few years). By ...
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NVIDIA Persistence Daemon stop job running for 5 minutes every time I shut down or restart PC

I've got Ubuntu 18.04, and every time I go to restart or shut down my computer, it takes forever. I pressed escape to see why, and there's a message every time saying "A stop job is running for ...
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network trouble after upgrading from Debian Jessie to Stretch

I use a Lenovo U31-70 with a Qualcomm Atheros QCA6164 Wireless Network Adapter using the ath10k_pci driver module. I recently tried to upgrade my Jessie installation to Stretch by altering my /etc/...
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Ubuntu using LXDE taking too long to shutdown

I have Ubuntu 20.04 and my desktop environment is LXDE. When I try to shutdown my computer the system keeps waiting and there is a message: A stop job is running for Session c2 of user ... (1min 30s) ...
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Why is "A stop job is running" a good design choice?

In a typical modern Linux distribution, the user may experience this when trying to shut down the computer: A stop job is running for Session c2 of user, or equivalent. I understand the idea behind ...
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