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How to change color of command prompt, only the first line? [duplicate]

I want to change color of the main command line. Just the first and last ones. The command I've called and the prompt line that waits to new command. When I've called a command and it returns some ...
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Documentation on LESS_TERMCAP_* variables?

I see these pretty colors in manpages viewed with less when setting a bunch of these variables. What do they mean, where is the documentation? Is this interpreted by less or termcap? screenshot
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How can I change the color of this blue text on my command line?

I know this question has been asked multiple times but I didn't find the answer on those other questions. Here an Image to illustrate my point: Can you read the blue line without squinting? No? Me ...
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Can the empty spaces/background in a terminal be replaced with a random(but pretty) pattern of ASCII characters?

Context and Question There are many ways to colorize the terminal and shell environment. The output of individual commands, such as ls and grep, can also be colorized. Not directly related but ...
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Terminal prompt overwrites current line

I have an issue with my terminal prompt line. When the line is too long it wraps on the same line and then Up arrow makes it look even worse. I have already checked Terminal prompt not wrapping ...
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How to change font colors in terminal?

I know how to change the font color via preferences, but it changes the color of ALL text, as in below:     What I'm going for is something more like this:     Any ...
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bash: The prompt gets visually broken [duplicate]

The idea of my PS1 configuration is to show some extended info like Mercurial or Git repo status, command execution time, etc. The prompt is split by two lines because it produces too many characters ...
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gnome terminal colors

I just installed centos7.2 and am trying to set it up somewhat nicely. I found an answer on here that shows how to set up some colours in the prompt. I am finding that, once dropped into the .bashrc,...
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SSH color show only white [closed]

I have been working with different distributions of Linux. I noticed sometimes when I'm using SSH to connect to another Linux server, sometimes it has color to indicate different folders when I'm ...
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Run script on non-full bash-login invoked as "sh"

I'm currently trying to modify my terminal to have the prompt displayed in a different colour than the whole rest of the shell, and I would like to make it white for normal users and red for root. I ...
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How to set the default color of output / things typed in Bash

When I am typing or viewing text on my terminal, the color is white. Any command after I type my prompt is white, and the default output (stdout) is white. I looked and my terminal emulator does not ...
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sed: search within search

All: How do we use sed to filter lines by two criteria? aptitude -v show '?name(grep)' | egrep --color=always "^|grep" | sed 's/^\(Package: .*\)$/\x1b[33;1m\1\x1b[0m/' In the above, what I'm ...
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How to modify the shell prompt? [duplicate]

I would like to learn how to make my shell look like this: [user@host ~/Folder] $ instead of (the default): [user@host ~/Folder]$. Also, I'd like to have color on user@host and Folder. How can I ...
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colorizing terminal

ok so here Colorizing your terminal and shell environment? its stated that export COLOR_NC='\e[0m' # No Color export COLOR_BLACK='\e[0;30m' export COLOR_GRAY='\e[1;30m' export COLOR_RED='\e[0;31m' ...