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vim running in tmux permanently freezes when I accidentally type C-x s [duplicate]

I use emacs a lot, and type C-x s to save there. When I am in vim running inside tmux on a remote machine, if I accidentally type C-x s, the vim instance completely freezes up, and the only way out is ...
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How to cycle through reverse-i-search in BASH?

In the terminal, I can type Ctrl + R to search for a matching command previously typed in BASH. E.g., if I type Ctrl + R then grep, it lists my last grep command, and I can hit enter to use it. This ...
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Ctrl-s hangs the terminal emulator?

I came across a sentence in vimdoc: Note: CTRL-S does not work on all terminals and might block further input, use CTRL-Q to get going again. and using CTRL-S indeed hangs my vim. I ...
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Best way to search through shell's history

Is there a better way to search my history file for a command than grep? I do have some idea what the command starts as, but I don't know how far back in the history it is. update: was formerly zsh ...
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What is making my cursor 'randomly' disappear when using gnome-teminal?

It happens often that my cursor on gnome-terminal disappears, forcing me to work on a new tab/window. It seems like a random occurrence. Does anyone else experience this? What about other X terminal ...
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put history command onto command line without executing it

I use !n where (n) is the line number for executing a line in the history file I want executed at the command prompt which I find via history|less. But there is a command line history event I wish ...
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Unix & Linux pranks

Which harmless pranks do you know that would be great to play on your collegues?
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How to permanently disable Ctrl-s in terminal?

From here I understand that to disable Ctrl+S the stty -ixon command can be used and it works, but as soon as I close the terminal and open another I have to re-enter the command. To permanently ...
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How to Navigate within bash's Reverse Search?

Bash offers the functionality to reverse search via Ctrl + R. Then one can type in a part of a command it will show a fitting entry from the history. Assume this is my history: vim foo1 vim foo2 # I ...
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terminal hang when lost connection and ssh is on

when I ssh to a server over the internet in a gnome terminal tab, if I lost internet connection, the terminal tab will be hang and not accept any input. Why is it hang? Is there some way to activate ...
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What's the difference between the ^S and ^Z control characters inside a terminal?

When using a terminal emulator, one can stop the currently running program with either CTRL-Z or CTRL-S. What's the difference between these signals?
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how to get out from the command iostat on unix?

I was installing a .iso 8,2 version in a vmware to learn unix., and i am stuck with iostat command, i run iostat 3 and is keep going to show me the results, but whem i put exit or q or q! to exit, he ...
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How to search the whole of bash history without needing to go forwards and backwards?

At times when I do CtrlR to search through command history, I find that I don't reach the entry I was looking for, even though I know it's in history. I think this is due to me having passed the entry,...
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Mapping otherwise conflicting or unmappable keys in terminal Vim

Resources in the network (1, 2, 3) claim that some key combinations, among which Ctrl-Shift-letter, Ctrl-number, Ctrl-i/Tab, Ctrl-m/Enter, Esc/Ctrl-[, cannot be mapped reliably in Vim because the ...
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Use reverse i search to cycle through only commands matching pattern

The contents of the command history file using history | less is: 555 ls 556 ls -a 557 echo "hello" 558 echo "hello again" 559 cd 560 pwd 561 echo "hello hello" 562 ls 563 echo "hello hello hello" ...
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